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Rescue the Stranded!

by Redbone - Competition Entry

You're a BOAT!!! and you rescue people from islands.

(screenshot is slightly outdated)

EDIT: Source added. Yeah, D&D, since I'm pretty lazy.

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Comments (archive)

triplefox says ...

The enemy movements were too predictable, even when I cranked the difficulty all the way up. I probably would have gotten pretty addicted otherwise.

TFernando says ...

Nautical choplifter :)

Hempuli says ...

triplefox quite much said everything I had in mind. :) The sound of returning 20 people at once was addicting!

Endurion says ...

A bit more enemy variety and hell'd break lose. Quite nice in it's on right though.

increpare says ...

I rescued some people, but there were always more! Why can't people stop getting stranded, eh? Stupid people!

SpaceManiac says ...

Was interesting, but slowly got boring. Dang random flying island rocks always destroying my little island people! *shakes fist*

Sophie Houlden says ...

Oh man, unloading a boatfull of people is the most satisfying thing ever! although sometimes islands spawnd too far down for me to rescure the people which bugged me, overal its simple but still entertaining, to me at least ^__^

Tom 7 says ...

Straightforward, sound gameplay. You quickly learn to take it easy and not try to rescue everyone. Maybe there should be a penalty every time stranded people are killed?

Sometimes survivors are off the screen to the bottom or the right where you can't reach them but they can still be destroyed by bombs. Too bad for them!

Insanity mode isn't that hard because all the islands block bombs from the sky. (Plus it's easier to fill up your boat very quickly.) I played a few times. :)

frosty says ...

This is probably my favorite so far. Simple but fun, and the sounds really make a difference. I especially like the graphics for the boat as it gets damaged. =)

Dzarg says ...

The game is quite good, but even the highest difficulty is too easy.

SonnyBone says ...

I kinda like this, but it needs... something.
I totally don't understand the disappearing islands, though. Time traveling, maybe?

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