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Rising Sea Levels

by jsb - Competition Entry

The idea:
Rescue people from procedurally generated islands while sea levels are steadily rising.

What it turned out to be:
UNFINISHED. Throughout the LD, I really had no idea where I was going gameplay-wise, so I toyed around with gfx but found no good use for it later. Basically, all I have now is a little fragment shader demo with minimal user interaction.

WASD to control your boat
E to pick up nearby people
Q to drop off passengers

If you want to run the Ruby source, you'll need
gem install gosu
gem install opengl
Didn't manage to provide a standalone OSX app yet, hopefully I can supply it later.

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Comments (archive)

recursor says ...

Interesting. I like the looks of this. I think it could become something fun. I like the way your map looks and the fact that it is procedurally generated is impressive. Nicely done.

frosty says ...

This is a really good take on the Islands theme, actually, and is technically impressive. I think there is some gameplay potential, maybe around the idea that you can't save everyone, so you have to choose who lives and who dies. =)

zez says ...

So, The Good - Random island generation was perfect. The islands looked awesome, and the procedure to generate them ran instantly and did the job damned well.
The Bad - Gameplay was basically non-existent.
The Ugly - People are 1 pixel dots, making it utterly unplayable (moreso) on a high resolution. The Boat moved painfully slow. I occasionally spawned on an island and couldn't move. Utterly unclear on what the point of this was (pick people up?)

philomory says ...

Can't get it to run on either of the computers I have available to me, either windows, built, or mac, from source. Alas. Probably a graphics card issue, as you suggested in #gosu.

Endurion says ...

Looks like a good start but as you say, there is just no gameplay there.

eli says ...

Lack of gameplay is .. lacking.

Very cool procedural generation. I love the surf animation especially.

The tugboat sound made me jump out of my chair =)

+1 for a Ruby entry!!

Geti says ...

like the concept and the graphics, dislike the lack of game :P never mind, expand this into something awesome.

hamburger says ...

Nice tech; nice honk sound :)

SonnyBone says ...

Not a game here, but your tech is ASTOUNDING.

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