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The Lost Hebrides

by NiallM - Competition Entry

A take on the Weird Worlds/Adventures in Infinite Space formula, set in the Hebrides. Find your way to the enchanted isles ('the lost Hebrides') to save your ailing father before his time runs out.

Inspired by Scottish folklore and rockettothesky;

[edit]Updated to fix clicking bug, and broken text rendering on OSX. If you want to see the original versions, see here: [/edit]

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Comments (archive)

TFernando says ...

Not sure if it was intentional, you're able to click on the Hebrides even if no villagers have been talked to yet.

The graphics are beautiful!

tembac says ...

Great graphics and fun story.

The gameplay seemed a too random until I try to go to the forbiden island without talking to the islanders.

Tenoch says ...

I seemed to have an aiming problem as well. I needed to click far below the guys for it to work.
Otherwise beautiful!

Tozy says ...

"I seemed to have an aiming problem as well. I needed to click far below the guys for it to work.
Otherwise beautiful!"

A little buged, but looks good.

eli says ...

EDIT: new version works perfectly!!

This is truly one of the most wonderful games made for this competition. It is a great story, with lovely details and options to take, but it doesn't get overbearing, and doesn't outreach itself.

The artwork is in a class of its own. I like the music as it added much to the atmosphere, but maybe some aural feedback to events or actions would add to the immersion.

I imagine a longer version of this game, one that doesn't rely on pure luck, or has a number of options to reduce the time constraints actively. I would love to see any further work you do in this direction.

frosty says ...

Edit: the new version works much better.

I love the hand-drawn graphics and the atmospheric music. It feels like an interactive storybook, maybe suitable for younger kids who might not mind the randomness.

Overall, nice job for one weekend. =)

Endurion says ...

Very beautiful art and good story, but seriously, if you do not get lucky picking persons you have no chance to make it in time.
I got to the islands once.

Diet Chugg says ...

Beautiful graphics, interesting style of play. Good job.

SonnyBone says ...

I LOOOOVE the music and the vibe. GREAT FRIGGIN' WORK!
The story progression and paths were just brilliant.

Hempuli says ...

Excellent atmosphere! In the end the game was not much else but looking for the ship upgrade and then getting there, but during the first playthrough it was very cool.

ondrew says ...

Great art, but the game is a little too random.

drakfyre says ...

Nice little story.

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