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Island Skate Delivery Boy

by mklee - Competition Entry

The semi-finished daring skateboarding adventures of a boy on an island! Collect gifts (for delivery!) and avoid falling into the water.

Includes amazing features as:
* A boy on a skateboard
* One-button play (just jump!)
* Trees
* A title screen
* At least one island

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Comments (archive)

allen says ...

Could have been better if you could control your speed, or the height of your jump. I had my 15 minutes of fun trying to get the high score though. Skateboard canabalt! islands theme seems kind of forced though.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Solid, and alright gameplay (if a bit too tough to read the level enough in advance), but not desperately exciting. A little music would have gone a long way.

brian says ...

Fun, although with it being so similar to Canabalt and its irk the lack of speed and jump height control makes it feel alot clunkier than it otherwise would have due to the comparison.

dock says ...

Cute! I like the graphics and general feel, but it's a shame that there weren't slightly more to it.

SonnyBone says ...

This was fun while it lasted, but doesn't really make me want to play it over and over.

LOVE the title.

Endurion says ...

Solid game. Not too innovative but good for a little bit of play.
Some of the random island placements seem impossible to do.

Barefists says ...

Its a fun game, but not the most original idea unfortunately, so I can't give you a high rating for it. Like some of the other commenters, I think a good 8-bit soundtrack would have been awesome and a little bit of variation on the obstacles would have been cool (moving platforms, etc)

Entar says ...

Ran kinda jittery for me, which made the controls kinda finnicky - a quick jump could be a tiny hop or a big leap. It needs some polish, but it's still a cool game.

jfroco says ...

It's a good one-button jumping game and good homage to Wonder Boy :) A song would have been great.

Morre says ...

I really enjoyed this game! Graphics are very nice as well, particularly the title screen. Reminds me a lot of Adventure Island. :)

Got to 310 points, though I had some trouble getting the keys to respond well since the game was running a little choppily on this machine (P4 3Ghz).

Well done!

cptalbertwesker says ...

Some of the islands seemed impossible to make, but the graphics are really cute, and I'd of loved it if it were a little easier!!

philomory says ...

Like a cute little Canabalt, with pickups instead of obstacles.

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