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The Adventures of Archie Pegalo

by rob - Competition Entry

Another platformer for the heap ^^

Control Archie Pegalo as he escapes from his desert island. Did this from scratch with SDL + OpenGL. Warning, it's quite difficult.


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Comments (archive)

ickylevel says ...

My god this game is so frustrating ! I will try to play it more later but theses bears throwings lasers at you all the time ... Magod.

sander says ...

Great graphics and audio. Also a lot of fun. The bears are the best.

Tyler says ...

Amazing art, love the bear. The game mechanics are pretty standard, but very well implemented. I would love to see more levels!

localcoder says ...

Flailing bear attack! I found this difficult at first but I got the hang of it - every time I died I learned something new.

I love how much variety there is. Also, the flying platforms gave me Sonic the Hedgehog flashbacks.

brian says ...

Great job, bit too bloody frustrating for my liking but very well put together!

Endurion says ...

Not that difficult as you guys make it sound. Aww, I beat it. The teddy is made of pure win!

Rock solid game.

roBurky says ...

The game would be worth it for the angry flying laser eyes bear on its own.

But it's impressive the amount of stuff you've done for this. Cute angry bears and other cute visuals, bobbing platforms, sound effects and music, and even fun boss fights.

Hempuli says ...

Surprisingly large and interesting! Very good graphics, too!

SonnyBone says ...


1) Awesome music
2) Awesome lazer bears
3) Cool concept / story
4) Great 'boss fight'
5) LAZER BEARS!!!!!!

pgil says ...

Love the look and sound (and laser teddy bears). It's really frustrating and unforgiving to play, though. One hit, you're dead, and no checkpoints.

madk says ...

So hard. And not in a good way. There need to be checkpoints of some sort.

eli says ...

A few of the platform configurations could be optimized. For instance, I didn't know I needed a key to continue until after I had made a one-way jump, but then it was too late and I had to go back much further.

The music is great, but somehow it doesn't seem to fit the theme very well.

All in all, loved the graphic style and bizarre world presented (including surreal ending). All of this is imagery I get whenever I become dehydrated on a deserted island.

dertom says ...

Dude, was really great! It would have been a bit more great with some "savepoints" but it is just amazing what grpahics and sound and gameplay you was able to create in the short period. Big respect...

Entar says ...

While the bears are hilarious, there needs to be some warning. Also, checkpoints, my man!

Hamumu says ...

"Warning: it's quite difficult" Hell no, I just played Rik's game. I finished this in no time! Really cool. I like that there was a lot of different stuff. When I started, I expected it to be just left to right, jumping from one thing to the next, and various little threats like the mines and bears along the way. Instead, it's pretty much constant new stuff, no time wasted on repeating things. Even though it's really short, that makes it feel like a lot of game, whereas something repetitive would've seemed like not much (like mine...).

philomory says ...

Ridiculously, brutally hard. I'll have to come back to later to try again. Maybe I'll try it with a game pad? I did enjoy the parts I managed to see, though. Moral of the story seemed to be, "Don't get stranded on a desert island or you'll go crazy and teddy bears will shoot eye lasers at you." Or something.

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