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108 seconds of loneliness

by Draknek - Competition Entry

Made using FlashPunk.

I procrastinated all day Saturday, so this is the product of about 12 hours work.

There was going to be a 108 second time limit on every level, but that got left by the wayside.

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Comments (archive)

smn says ...

Took me a while to figure out what to do, as for some reason the level i got to after pushing that gray barrel onto the button looked the same as the initial one... but I do like the Style!

Tenoch says ...

At first I thought there was nothing to do on the island, just wander around and push boxes, and with the name, I figured it was a case of Prententious Art Game that would make you meditate on isolation...

But once you figure out the goal, it's quite fun. It has a nice sokoban feel, plus interesting mechanisms (streams). And it looks good.

The 4rth level seems undoable though?

psnake says ...

I liked both the sense that the player is not being told what to do and so he has to figure it out (I'm assuming this was intentional). I also liked the stream mechanic and you used it.

The difficulty curve on the 4th level was too steep. Maybe some intermediary levels would help smooth the experience of the player.

youdonotexist says ...

At first I didn't understand what was going on, but once I figured it out, the game was pretty interesting.

Art could use some work, but it suits its purpose.

increpare says ...

cute enough. Also took me a number of moments to figure out what to do. Barrels look nice when floating. Didn't get too far. Suffering from block-pushing fatigue now, I think.

Wobly says ...

Pretty fun but the water had sort of an eye melting effect to it :)

Entar says ...

Cool idea, but I got stuck on the third level :(

Tozy says ...

I was a long time trying todo the last level and beated it.
But then there is this other island. The idea is: you can get to the buton or the rock but not bouth, maybe?

philomory says ...

A pretty clever little puzzle game, with some neat elements. I rather like the pixel graphics, and the name, too.

NateNaterson says ...

Took me a while to figure out what to do, but when I did, I found it to be pretty fun for a bit. The graphics were charming and fit well and I like them a lot. The gameplay was admittedly a bit dull and I didn't play for a whole lot, but while it lasted, I liked it.

Almost says ...

This is cool, the puzzles do seem to have taken some thought to make.
I'm stuck on the fourth? level.

zez says ...

That was kinda fun, actually.
The Good - graphics did the job, everything scanned well, puzzles where fairly fun.
The Bad - tapping a direction to move, holding down a key would have been better, took me a while to figure out what I supposed to do.
The Ugly - total lack of sound... booooh.

Endurion says ...

An explanation would've helped a long way: You're supposed to push the gray barrel on the red button.

The streams are a nice addition. I was not able to beat the fourth stage.

Hempuli says ...

Phew! Very hard puzzles, but that is of course a good thing. You had managed to create some cool content in the 48 hours.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Kinda tiring to have to push the blocks around in order to solve the puzzle. I figured out how to do level four and then I just didn't want to do it all over again after a few restarts due to frustrating missed key presses.

Perrin says ...

This was a really solid puzzler, well designed. Nothing new but really rounded solid execution.

demonpants says ...

Pretty cool, but I think it wasn't quite verbose enough on what to do and the gameplay was a bit bland. Overall the difficulty curve was a bit too high. However, it's well executed and feels complete.

Tom 7 says ...

I liked the puzzle game, very reminiscent of Lolo. The 4th level was pretty hard, which was good (though it was mostly about being fast). But the fifth is obviously impossible, unless I'm missing something? If I am, please give a hint because I want to play through it. :)

Jonny D says ...

No instructions and I don't like Sokoban, but it wasn't too bad.

eli says ...

Really nice idea, great graphic style (though very underdeveloped). Tough puzzles are tough!

Connection to the theme is a bit weak.

Mstrp2ez says ...

Very nice game! Polished and pretty easy to understand. Perhaps some statistics could be implemented, number of steps and so forth? Gj!

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