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by 1009 - Competition Entry

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fydo says ...

Try not to have your game files in the root of your archive.
IMO, fullscreen mode should be optional.
Level 6 got a little crazy, managed to jump off over the edge of the water? After that level, the jumping & platforms got to be difficult to navigate. Good game though. :)

ToadieTechnika says ...

Its a good game...
Bad things are, the game can slow down the pc and hard to navigate around some areas in other levels. But its still ok

pgil says ...

The game crashed on me after about a minute. What I played looked nice, though.

PsySal says ...

I WON! =)
- The gong. The gong is awesome. I love that, combined with the roman numeral level numbering system.
- The approach to floating platforms. I particularly like what you did in VI, combining platforming and shooting. Hehehe!
Frustrated by:
- The failed jumps! I swear that many times I hit space to jump, the guy didn't jump. One way you can fix this is to have a timer threshold, so that the player has a few frames *after* they actually fall off the platform where they can jump.

shawn42 says ...


Diet Chugg says ...

Game Defeated. I won it too. Game play continues to get more complex with play. Game play is solid. level I think 4 or 5 gets a bit confusing with all the extra platforms but I still got it on first shot. I thought being an island is hilarious.

zez says ...

I won, omg!
So, the good - Graphics where simple, but worked pretty well. Controls where relativity intuitive, The title screen looked nice, level pacing and difficulty increase was dead on.
the bad - Totally by the books game-play. You score an n/a in innovation. I also didnt realize the clouds where moving at first due to scrolling everything but the water. It looked like I just arbitrarily started floating. Didnt help matters that the clouds moved or didnt move totally dependent on the level, so I had no way of predicting what was going on.
the ugly - well, nothing was outright ugly. Im a little unclear on what the player was. Was he an island? Did this game even use the island theme? Those floating blocks could have been pretty much anything... (I mean, they did LOOK like islands, but then they sank for some reason, and where mostly floating in the sky...)

Endurion says ...

Worked fine for me, some tricky parts there.
I also had the failed jump problem. Quite a few times I died because the jump didn't seem to work.

pekuja says ...

A strange take on the theme. A dude made out of islands? The level design is a bit haphazard, but had some neat ideas, like riding the platforms.

the31 says ...

Neat concept. Simple. It got a bit difficult after the first few levels (because of how hard it is to tell where the finish is) and I think the controls could be slightly improved to be more responsive. The sound effects were good too, even though there were only two I experienced.

Also *highfive* on having a number at the beginning of your username. :D

Tom 7 says ...


Feel free to put your game files wherever you want. :) But it did make me pretty dizzy to play fullscreen. It probably would have helped if the scroll wasn't completely locked to my player.

This was a modest platformer that I played through to the end and had a good time with. The graphics of the main character are real weird but pretty funny. The puzzles weren't too frustrating because restarting them was fast (sometimes too abrupt, and I didn't even see what happened), but I also usually failed because it didn't register my jump because I hadn't landed before hitting space, or something. A little leeway for the player here would have been nice to reduce cruelty. Some of the platforms in some of the levels seemed unmotivated, so that was kinda a downside. Still, enjoyable. :)

eli says ...

The world's first hydrophobic island.

Jonny D says ...

Weird physics and main character, but not too bad.

SonnyBone says ...

eli's comment is... WIN.

This game is... STRANGE.

But that is... GOOD.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Surprisingly polished, especially the fancy intro screen. Not desperately exciting, but certainly fun enough. The level design frustrated me, a bit too much "guess what the designer was thinking" because you often couldn't see the next platform until it was too late.

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