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by pythong - Competition Entry

Here you go! That's my entry!
Didn't had any good idea right from the start and spent a lot of time on drawing. Therefore...well, you'll see.

Help the chicken-mail-man not to get fired! Therefore, get from island to island and deliver the mail in time!

Use space for actions, left/right to move
Return to start a level

Edit: Also, press space to start (if you haven't figured out)

It's 6 levels only actually. Can you make it? If you're a natural talent in this, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to beat the game. Also, you shouldn't be able to get stuck. If nothing helps, move from one side to the other. Have fun!

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Comments (archive)

dgfitch says ...

Nice use of Gosu, and quite incredible art! Love the intro. I'm too retarded to get past Level 2 though, which makes me quite sad. I tried a bunch, too.

PsySal says ...

I like it. The graphics in this are super cute. Of course it's really hard to tell where you are in 3D but that's just part of it. Awesome cute game. Made it to lvl 5, its a lot easier when you just hold spacebar...

Tom 7 says ...

Nice graphics. I liked the whimsy of this game. The gameplay makes sense but it was a bit unexpected. The first time I fell in a hole I was wondering why it took so long to die. The second time I was wondering why I could still move while I was dead. Then I figured it out. :) Some of the routes you have to take are pretty cruel... it seems more about memorizing the path than having good reflexes, but that's ok. The main problem with playing is not being able to tell what will block you at any given point; its just too hard to see the relative depth of my player and the obstacles. But I did keep playing to level 5. :)

Diet Chugg says ...

Nicely Done. Delevering letters was a nice concept.

Stoney says ...

Nice and fun game with impressive art. I also like the music, it fits well.

philomory says ...

Brilliant graphics, both for the intro and for the gameplay, and the audio was pretty good too. Gameplay wasn't bad, but the timing for jumping over holes was pretty awkward, and by level two the game seemed nearly impossible. Nonetheless, overall a good job.

Endurion says ...

Awesome intro and graphic.
The gameplay suffers heavily from not exactly knowing where you are. The level design often forced me to crash somewhere and then move over the full width to the either side.
Love the different plane stage!

SonnyBone says ...

It got impossible REALLY fast. lol
Fun concept and nifty music. I dig the sprites!

Hempuli says ...

Great graphics, but a bit clumsy gameplay.

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