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Treasure Tub

by Jonny D - Competition Entry

You control a boat in my tub ;)
Find the treasure by way of maps.
Get it before the other ships do!

Nearly all of the game's graphics are photos, so the archive size is a bit hefty (~6 Mb). Pull through, it's worth it!

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Comments (archive)

frosty says ...

Loved the concept and the graphics. =)

zez says ...

Okay. Its timeeeee
The Good - Graphics where charming as all hell. I loved the use of the theme as well, and the audio was sparse, but AWESOME! Did you just record yourself making cannon noises? SWEET! Totally went along with the bathtub theme, this took me back to being 6 and playing with toy boats in the bath. I approve. I dug the mini map powerup too.
The Bad - lacking in overall gameplay. Part of that could just be that Im on a laptop, so it was kinda annoying mouse aiming, but the gameplay was overall pretty simple.
The Ugly - nope, this game was gorgeous in every way. A+ on presentation.

Xopods says ...

Visual presentation not bad... nice the way the boats go behind the lip of the tub. Good concept too. But the gameplay is just hard to follow... not enough visual feedback on when I'm hitting my enemies, when I'm being hit, how long it's going to take me to fish, etc. I don't have speakers, but I gather from others' comments the sound is pretty good, so maybe that's what I'm lacking... but lots of people play with sound off anyway, so a game shouldn't rely on it.

Anyway, good effort, and I think you should polish it up, even if I didn't enjoy this 48h version as much as the other commentors did.

pekuja says ...

Fun use of photographs. The game really needs a multiplayer mode. The audio got a bit on my nerves. Also, I think the bullets could use some immediacy; it was kinda hard to tell sometimes where you were really shooting when you and your opponent were both moving.

Endurion says ...

Awesome graphic concept, I like that you can also shoot the palm to pieces.

In the long run getting kinda boring, but still a solid game for 48 hours.

jfroco says ...

Great graphics and sound effects. Multiplayer would be great. I believe that the control scheme could be simplified.

eli says ...

I was sure the audio was music! It syncopated pretty well, but grated a bit.

Nice graphics. Things jumped around a little, hard to tell what was on purpose and what was a bug.

demonpants says ...

Quite a good entry that would have been perfect with just a bit more gameplay. I loved the style of this and the theme, I just found myself relatively bored by the end.

brian says ...

I liked the graphics and the concept, but had the same problems with the audio and understanding what exactly was going on with the map and the hook and the marking of the spot.

SonnyBone says ...

Man, this is pretty hard. It's possible, but challenging. Great innovation with the graphics, too. Nice work!

Diet Chugg says ...

I liked battling in the bathtub. Was just waiting for the bubbles to appear.

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