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by greencow - Competition Entry

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About 10 hours of work, no sound. Made with flixel/flash, flashdevelop.

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snowyowl says ...

Okay, I gave you points for Innovation, because you didn't make another exploration game (and I did ;-) ). Well done.
It was difficult to land the plane unless you already knew the map by heart, as if you missed the landing strip then your turning circle was too wide to find it again without crashing. If you wanted points, you were safest not taking off at all and just shooting at random into the sky (which is not much fun).
The graphics are not worth shouting about and there was no sound. I did, however, find the island shaped like LD17 and the other spelling your name. Nice one.

(I give Audio n/a if there is no sound. What does everyone else do?)

jhauberg says ...

I found it extremely difficult to land/refuel. I felt like I was running out of fuel before getting anywhere at all. The plane movement also seemed very "jumpy"; i.e. not smooth at all, which put me off quite a bit.

If the game was more forgiving to bad pilots (me!) this could probably be a lot of fun!

snesgaard says ...

A 2D Microsoft Flight simulator, for better and for worse :)
Most say that this is the most difficult game I have played so far.
Perhaps a larger fuel tank and bigger landing sites would be in preferable?

rik says ...

Very difficult, and a little bit ugly, but game definitely shows promise. Only 10 hours too!

philomory says ...

I, too, found it essentially impossible to refuel.

zdanielz says ...

Very frustrating gameplay, and the use of the theme is somewhat random.
The rest is OK.

refrag says ...

Very difficult to control.

zez says ...

The Good - ... umm... err.... it used the theme?
The Bad - STALL WARNING! STALL WARNING! CRASH! There was nothing I could seem to do in this game other then die.
The Ugly - spritework. Single frame sprites with no detail, and rotation. Great. Flixel pretty much did everything for you. The tiles where pretty much nonexistent too. The audio actually was nonexistent. SFXR would have gone a long way.
This was kind of brutal, sorry.

allen says ...

Interesting attempt, a little hard to play though.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Once I stopped trying to land 'properly' (line up with run way, slow down etc.) this became fairly fun. Fuel reserved were punishingly small though.

Hempuli says ...

I had real trouble controlling the plane. It went way too fast, and if I let go of the acceleration button, it fell. Otherwise, nice and innovative gameplay.

Endurion says ...

Raid on Bungeling Bay :)
It looks like you stopped abruptly. There is a good base there but also a few flaws: The jerky movement, fuel is gone in no time and it's damn hard to hit the runway again.
Could be a good game if you invested some more time.

Entar says ...

It's way too hard to actually land without crashing. Maybe make it so you can land/refuel on the whole island. Needs some polish, but otherwise, it's a cool game with some promise.

shawn42 says ...

turning radius was a little too wide, but this game has lots of potential

Riley Adams says ...

Very difficult, but a cool concept.

SonnyBone says ...

Way too hard and I didn't see any dancing bears anywhere.

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