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Space Island

by mathias - Competition Entry

I am really sorry, I loved the game idea, but after 10 hours in I realized I couldn't complete it, so the code looks like a mess.

The game runs in 1024x768, if you are on a netbook/low res display, please try playing in fullscreen :)

Here is the original readme, wrote in about 5 minutes before deadline:

Space Islands
Yeah I didnt like the theme, so I decided to do something
I always wanted to try, some kind of RTS-Game. Here it is!

It takes place in space and you, the player, have to gather
ressources off the asteroids

How to play!

All buildings need energy to function, and all buildings need
ressources to be build.

The coloured polygons are ressource fields.

You can hover over almost anything and get some information there.

The GUI on the top:
There are 7 Icons:

Mouse: Normal selection mode, used for selectin Units and the Factory
Blue line: is a transport line, which transports ressources between mines, the HQ
and the Factory
Red line: is a powerline, it connects the energy collector with all the other buildings
(select the energy collecgtor first)

the 4 buildings:
Energy collector: collects 20 energy units per tick
Mine: Build in a ressource polygon, extracts ressources
Factory: Click on it to build a spaceship! (There is some kind of GUI for that)
spaceport: Ships can unload to a HQ, but can only load from a spaceport.
Build one to trade ressources from/to your ship


You can select multiple ships at once, however, only if you click on one ship you can trade and
do special actions

There are three kind of ships:

Scout: Can scout a planet for its ressource areas
Colonization ship: Can colonize a scouted ship (ship gets los in the process)
(Tip: load some ressources on the ship to kickstart a colonys economy)
Cargo: No special action, slow, transports a LOT of cargo.

The red mouse is the button for the special action (scout, colonize)

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Comments (archive)

Hempuli says ...

I get a runtime error as soon as I open the file. It first says that my resolution is too small for the game (1366x768 pixels) and then says that the program tried to act in an "unusual way" and thus had to be aborted. :(

sander says ...

This game is really hard to get into, and the readme is about as helpful as text files usually are (not much).

It's possible I was just playing the game badly, but I had to wait a lot, either for resources to be harvested or for ships to be built. And there seems to be no win or lose conditions. If this game is updated or remade post-LD, I'd like to see it more streamlined and with aliens trying to kill you.

What I liked the most is how visually well put together everything is, with readable icons and little rocks flying between the harvesters and the depots. The only thing left to add is a sweet starfield to break up the blackness of space.

SonnyBone says ...

Yeah, I'd also like to see some more work on this one.

shawn42 says ...

I'm amazed at the amount of content you were able to get in here in such a short amount of time. It took me a while to figure out how to get ships going. I found myself alt-tabbing out when I needed to wait for resources. I got a memory error from png library right before colonizing my next asteroid! I love the artwork, and I'd like to see you add more to this and see if you can get a complete and fun game out of it. Good work.

zez says ...

well, its a start.
The Good - graphics looked good, interface read well. Its a nice start.
The Bad - its... and rts with no objective? You put alot of cool stuff in this, but its lacking any of the things it would need to actually be a game.
The ugly - no, this was actually rather pretty, just not much going on.

Diet Chugg says ...

The lack of objective makes this game harder to play. However great start on an rts that has the potential to turn out great. some spacey music would of been a cool addition

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