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Island Defence

by 3ndo - Competition Entry

This is a fairly slap-dash hurried effort so I could actually submit an entry (for once). Unfortunately my initial idea proved a little problematic, mainly because I didn't think through the potential issues early enough.

Hope it's a not a completely incompetant effort! :-)

Shoot down the aircraft and their bombs ensuring that the energy shield, protecting your <i>paradise island</i>, isn't destroyed.

Known Issues:
- Balancing is pretty non-existent. (So bear with it).
- Hit-boxes are inconsistent, unfortunately I didn't have the time to investigate the actual cause.
- It would have been nice to have explosions and gibs.

Programs Used:
- FlashDevelop (via Parallels)

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Comments (archive)

InaVegt says ...

This could've been any theme, really. Just put another thing under the shield. It's also waaay too slow, at least for the first 10 'levels' (Didn't try more than that.)

smn says ...

Do like the graphics, but this game really is waaay slow. :o

increpare says ...

Yeah...starts off too slow - I didn't stick around too long (Feeling impatient this evening, apologies...).

Cosine says ...

I spent about an entire minute waiting for the ships to come. :P

ToadieTechnika says ...

I liked the graphics

refrag says ...

The shield depletion is wayy too slow, as is the rate of fire of the player's weapon. It felt like the game was trying to be more "strategy" given the pacing, but "action" pacing would suit this better.

Animations could have added more life to the screen. SFX and Music definitely would have improved the user's engagement.

Ashera says ...

It has a nice clean look, but the gameplay was similarly sparse--and not in a good way. It's more a seed of a game than a full game.

fydo says ...

I was unable to locate the sourcecode for your game.

Endurion says ...

Your randomizer is weird. Sometimes I had to wait half a minute for another plane to appear.
Also not particular islandy.

Entar says ...

Decent little game, but it's a bit slow, especially at the beginning, and rather simple. Also, the bombs are pretty hard to hit (possibly intended?)

jovoc says ...

way to slow. And the bombs did almost negligible damage.

Potential to be a nice missile-command style game. Definitely playable but needs a lot of tuning.

Just something as simple as making there be 100x as many planes might have made this an awesome game.

SonnyBone says ...

Oh wow. I took like 3 centuries for the next plane to show up. I thought I broke it.

This doesn't really suit the theme well and it needs audio badly.

Tozy says ...

2000 points and quited, I get just too bored.

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