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Isles of Color

by Jonathan Whiting - Competition Entry

Really quite huge top-down puzzle/exploration game.

Arrow keys (or wasd) to move around. Click bottom right corner to view map. Bottom left corner to restart screen. If you get really stuck, or you get yourself trapped in an infinite loop I didn't catch (sorry!) then double click bottom left to return to the middle (you wont lose any progress).

If you do get any niggles let me know so I can make up a version without them soon (it's real hard to test something this big).

It *should* be possible to collect all 40 orbs, but because of the scale of the thing my testing wasn't quite as comprehensive as I'd have liked it to be. Also, there really ought to be some sort of cookie based game saving and there isn't. I'd love to hear how you get on with it.

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Comments (archive)

Geti says ...

Awesome to see this come to fruition. loved the orange zone especially, but I couldn't test sound. Some of the physics seemed a little gimped, but regardless, damn cool :D

smn says ...

Really dig the graphics and gameplay! The music is a bit too minimalistic for my taste tho. :D

rik says ...

Wow this is fantastic! I managed to break it by fashioning some boulders into a path off the screen where one wasn't intended, but it was fun while it lasted - some very clever screens. Boulders were a bit fiddly, but loved everything else!

Draknek says ...

Game mechanics are lovely. Game itself can turn into stumbling around blindly: I think I'd appreciate it more if it focused on puzzles rather than exploration.

Controls are annoying: you keep moving if any of the direction keys is being held down, but you move in the direction that was most recently pressed even if that's no longer down. So if I keep left held down and then tap right I will move right for as long as I hold left down. Really screws with my expectations.

Music got annoying quite quickly unfortunately.

increpare says ...

Oh gosh that is pretty big. It's cool though - the puzzles are fun, but the trekking around I found a little arduous.

Cosine says ...

This was a game on my "games to play when they release" list, and it certainly didn't disappoint!

rogual says ...

Oh wow, that's big. Congrats for finding the time to make so many screens. I feel bad that I didn't explore all of them... I do like these big, adventure-y games, but I also want to play as many other entries as possible.

Love the idea of having 3 (I found 3 -- are there 4? 5?) areas each with its own mechanic, each of which is annoying in its own way :)

So, I think a slightly smaller world may have worked better, with the time spent fleshing out each colour area bit more. The one-type-of-item per area thing does mean less variety between screens.

Overall though, I enjoyed this one. (And, I'm sorry, but that music is infuriating!)

Daz says ...

Pretty fun until I got in this infinite loop:

dock says ...

Amazing work, this is super fun! My only complaint is that the puzzles always require backtracking, rather than allowing a shortcut out, or just keeping my collectable if I die. One of the best LD17 games I've played, fantastically polished work! Congratulations! :D

Entar says ...

Cool game mechanics, sound was OK.

fydo says ...

Haha, this was pretty fun. Good job!

recursor says ...

Well done!

Terry says ...

Really liked this one :)

Endurion says ...

Awesome, I like it. I got 26 spheres until went onto the purple island top left. I couldn't get back to the other parts anymore.
Fix the glitches, get rid of that music and you have a winner right there!

hamburger says ...

This game's really good! Brings back fond memories of Lolo. :) Good graphics; nice use of sound and color to subtly distinguish zones; amazing amount of content for 48 hours. I wish there were keys for pulling up the map/restarting a level (were there?) because I hate using the mouse in a keyboard game.

Perrin says ...

This is one of my favs of the comp, full of ideas and great puzzle design. Two thumbs way up!

SonnyBone says ...

Your journal was really good.
I had fun with this game, but it's not something I could play for a lengthy period.

demonpants says ...

Very very well done. Impressive level size, incredible puzzle design. Everything works well. The only issue is that there's not quite enough direction given how much there is to do. But very well done.

brian says ...

Great fun, some really fantastically well thought out puzzles, the theming was fantastic, some small problems with controls but still an incredibly full product. There's a few bugs where can get stuck in infinite loops of death and the music/sound was pretty annoying but honestly this is an amazing achievement for 48 hours.

Morre says ...

This is a really cool entry. Splendid visuals, and pretty nifty audio as well (although it got a little repetitive after a while).

Very nice use of well-known mechanics. I think you managed to combine them into a well-designed game in a clever way.

I do think the post-compo version feels better than the original - not unexpectedly, I suppose :)

eli says ...

This is one of the great entries I've seen so far. Very high marks. I wish I had time to really go through and collect everything.

The only thing that bothers me is the sound, despite how great the combination scheme is.

I'm really, really impressed.

drakfyre says ...

Wow. Just, wow. I can't believe you made this in 48 hours, very, very good puzzles all around.

philomory says ...

The puzzles here are really fantastic, took me a very long time to finish them but I never once felt like giving up. I managed to collect 43 orbs, but on collecting the 43rd, nothing further happened. Was there supposed to be some sort of conclusion? The one negative thing I noticed was that the controls were a little imprecise for a puzzle game of this nature; this was particularly notable in the boulder-pushing puzzles, where I'd push the wrong boulder sometimes and have to start over. Also, while the music was interestingly atmospheric, given the length of the game I ended up having to mute it eventually.

Those things aside, this is a really fantastic take on sokoban, and was a lot of fun. I'd love to find out if anything was special was supposed to happen in the final area, though!

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