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X by Allefant

by allefant - Competition Entry

Controls: ASDW and RF or Cursor keys and Page up/down plus Mouse. I managed to make it somehow playable. Too tired to think of any name :P

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Comments (archive)

dgfitch says ...

Can't get it to run, I get "Assertion failed: dm.dmFields & 0x00100000, file /home/elias/prog/allegro/git/src/win/wgl_disp.c, line 1620". Windows 7 32bit here.

increpare says ...

navigation is ... weeeeiird. I floated around a little on my boat, picked some people up, and dropped some people off. A happy day : )

Srekel says ...

Really hard to aim the ship. Pretty cool graphics though.

zdanielz says ...

that was very hard to control, I didn't really get what was going on.. :-(

sirGustav says ...

easier controls and some form of shadow to tell how high up you are would have been nice. Had to read your journal to understand what I was supposed to do, and when the hud meant...

Endurion says ...

I take it is some kind of 3d Space Taxi on islands.

But the controls, the controls. They kill any remote action I try. With decent controls of the player object this has potential!

Spiridios says ...

The controls weren't bad in my opinion *except* that the pitch was inverted and that made it frustrating. I ferried until there were no more fares to ferry, but I still had several "pink" boxes in the corner. Dunno what that meant. I finally went and looked at the clouds (your trees show through) and the sun, then nosed down and went full throttle to see what was down. It's still heading down while I type. =p I liked it enough to play through despite not liking the inverted controls. Would like to try your next version.

dertom says ...

Nice game,...once you lose the sighton the isle it is hard to find it back, but that was not so serious... very good job

SonnyBone says ...

Hard to control at first, but I got the hang of it.

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