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Paradise Fort - Hempuli - Competition Entry

Paradise Fort is a mysterious hybrid of tower defense and survival platforming. You guide a small fella, exploit the rescources found from the island you live on and fight against evil birds, among other threats. I tried to make the game help you to figure out how to do stuff, but it may still be a bit frustrating.

Arrows - move, aim your pick-axe and towers
A - use (eat/build), open menu and cancel
S - jump
D - pickup/throw, confirm

Note that the enemies (apart from birds) begin to appear only when you have enough cannons. So take your time to learn stuff.

EDIT: Thanks for the bug reports! These will come in handy in the post-compo version.

EDIT 2: It seems that a lot of people have problems with using the build menu to build stuff. Open the menu with A, choose a 'designation' and build it. The rescources needed for whatever you're building is listed in the menu, so bring those rescources to the 'designation' and either use (A) or drop (Down + D) them in front of the designation. When all the required rescources are in the designation, the building is finished.

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Comments (archive)

Ashkin says ...

Bravo! Very fun, good luck to you.

dgfitch says ...

Very neat. Difficult fun times!

snowyowl says ...

Delicious. Great fun building forts and whatnot.

KavuDX says ...

I loved it, but I can't seem to understand how to build the cannons...

smn says ...

Fantastic! Also runs flawlessly in WINE under Linux, by the way!

shockedfrog says ...

Loved this (wished the A and D controls were the other way around, but that's just me), any plans to develop it further? A few bugs - you can get stuck at the top of the screen (serves me right for trying to build a ladder to heaven, I guess), carrying something off screen loses it and stops you ever picking anything up again, and you can kill birds and fish with constructions which is kinda funny but doesn't seem right. :)

Mstrp2ez says ...

Great work mate! One of the best games i've tried so far this LD

ggnosfex says ...

Very hard, but it's so great, I cannot stop playing it

zdanielz says ...

Great game, control was a bit frustrating, but was fun to play.

NMcCoy says ...

I would like to file a bug request: a glitch that lets you spam construction of walls without requiring materials would be fantastic. Please misimplement this at the earliest opportunity, thanks.

On a more serious note, I've been having the problem (mentioned by others) of accidentally chucking things across the map rather than building with them due to faulty intuition of keymappings.

Also, I still don't understand what the menu does or how to build cannons.

Geti says ...
Best I could do tonight, didn't know about vertically orientated cannons though, so that could have helped. Just got pillaged by one of those balloons that drop hugebombs.
I love this.

shady1024 says ...

Not very user friendly but a fun game once you put in the initial 2 hours it takes to stop pressing D when you mean A. Maybe I'm just dyslexic?

xeon06 says ...

This is a great game with the worst user interface I've ever seen! You really need to keep working on this and make things more user-friendly, perhaps a tutorial? That little text in the corner didn't help a whole lot. I couldn't manage to figure anything except moving around and mining, but I still see the great potential this has.

Sparky says ...

Neat, thanks so much for making this! I had a lot of fun. It was hard to tear myself away and go make my own game :) . Cheers! I think there's an epic game in here somewhere, and I can't help but imagine what a version with a grander scale would be like.

hazman says ...

you have a really cool game here, even though i suck at it.

ickylevel says ...

Nicely polished, but it seems its not my kind of game. I think that the idea of having the little guy doing everything, with theses controls, is flawed. Haven't tested it much though. But for me it's more a sandbox than an actual game.

sfernald says ...

I really wanted to like this game, but I can't get past the user interface. I either need a tutorial or a better on-screen menu of commands or something. I'm sure it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

AClockWorkLemon says ...

Hey, nice work hempuli! Hard, but fun.

heh, i've found a good bug :)
if you build a ladder up to a ceiling and hols a cannon, if you climb to the very top of the ladder, the cannon will magically appear above the ceiling. This can be exploited by trapping yourself in a big cave reinforced with stone, and hold the cannon there and aim it with left/right! HeHe!

Sophie Houlden says ...

this is just epic brilliance, so much can happen in a game!

pekuja says ...

Very cool game. The controls are a bit confusing though as the key for "build" is also the key for "cancel" and the key for "throw" is the key for "accept", so it's a bit backwards. I would also probably place the jump button on A since that's probably a bit more conventional.
It's not very obvious what you need to do in the game, especially since no enemies seem to ever appear if you don't build cannons. I would love to have a few more things to build or tools to use. Please keep working on this.
Also, I hate those motherf*ing birds.

pgil says ...

It was hard trying to figure out the controls while seagulls are trying to eat my face off, but otherwise it's a fun little game.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

Very nice entry! I found the learning curve to be a tad steep, but not sure how you could have prevented that. Otherwise, pretty graphics, nice idea, and good execution!

Stoney says ...

Awesome game. The graphic style reminds me of Clonk. I found the controls to be challenging at first and they took me a while getting used to.

SonnyBone says ...

OH SO VERY RAD. You know it is. I don't have to tell you. Can't wait for your post compo version.

Endurion says ...

This has great potential, but the awkward menu almost ruins it again. Since you're already plugging forward, please find a more intuitive way for building. I keep pressing the wrong thing, carrying build plans around or throwing things across the island I intended to use for building.
Still, this seems so far a very solid game.

the31 says ...

Seems like it could be really neat, but I never figured out how to obtain wood, or whatever that orangeish material is to make ladders. Also, the movement felt very slippery, and I easily got into situations where it would appear to be easy to navigate, but I couldn't get around without ladders (which I couldn't build). Cool game.

hamburger says ...

Solid tech with a world that's fun to interact with, but even after figuring out how to build stuff, I find getting started a pain. It's too hard and tedious to move around; and I found it impossible to remember which button does what.

dertom says ...

wow....that was a cool one! good job

Tom 7 says ...

This is a really cool game, a good idea and great graphics. I think some of that is undone by the game being too hard to play. Being able to configure the keys would have helped a lot; like some other folks the buttons seemed backwards and I kept throwing my axe into the water and stuff like that. It's also too easy to get yourself stuck at the beginning, if you forgot your axe or threw it into the water. But I did keep playing it, even though I suck! :) I think I'll like the post-compo one even more...

philomory says ...

A very neat seeming idea, but the controls are extremely awkward. I'm still not sure whether I ever built anything at all - I could walk up and down my ladder, but it kept flashing as if it were under construction. As for my cannons, well, I wasn't sure how to build them either. I'm pretty sure I got a wall built, and, killing and eating fish was pretty fun, though. All in all, a valiant attempt, but more intuitive controls would help it a lot.

Almost says ...

Yeah, I had a hard time with the controls and was confused as to what my objective was at the start.

cptalbertwesker says ...

loved how the generation of the island was like worms! The game is real fun, and the multiple mechanics work really well, damn those seagulls!

Jonathan Whiting says ...

A truly beautiful sim, but sadly a little let down by it's balance and lack of longer term objectives.

Rather fiddly to get started with, and the depth I'd hoped would appear never really realised itself for me. For example the cannons were fiddly to setup, and then actually harder to use effectively than thrown items. Also having to manage the location of the pick axe so you don't accidently get yourself permanently stuck somewhere was frustrating too.

Please don't get the wrong idea though, this was really great, and the nitpicks are only present because of how much was done perfectly. Also exteremely impressive for the timescale.

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