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by seb.bernery - Competition Entry

Sorry I can't distribute windows binary, you must have python and pygame for play. Execute for launch.

This game is like a tycoon game. You can place red flags on case for say that migrants can build their house.
If people have beautiful house, electricity and water, they generate happiness. More your Island generate happiness, more the migrants want to go on your Island.
For have information about buildings, just right click on it.
People on Island will work. When a building is often upkeep, it can evolve.
Enjoy !

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Comments (archive)

Hempuli says ...

Cannot open.

Riley Adams says ...

No luck running it in Windows (I installed pygame and python), next time I boot into Ubuntu or Arch I'll give it a try from there though.

Tenoch says ...

It's not really easy to understand what's happening, maybe a more complete explanation of the mechanics would have helped.
Appart from placing a lot of buildings and flags, and wait, is there anything to do? Is there a winning condition?

The little ingame texts are quite funny though.

allen says ...

Wasn't able to run it either. :

Stoney says ...

Link seems to be broken.

belbeeno says ...

Broken link here. Not even the root website ( works.

Endurion says ...

Sorry, won't install Python, Python's not a damn system library.

Catmoo says ...

Sorry the link was broken, so I can't try it.

demonpants says ...

I don't have python and pygame. Not to go off on a rant, but I really don't understand why so many Python programmers in LD think it's okay not to make a binary. I don't program in Python, and I'm not interested in figuring out all the intricacies of compiling a new language to give your game a try. Make a binary!

SonnyBone says ...


cptalbertwesker says ...

link doesn't work sorry, I'd of given it a go otherwise

ondrew says ...

Link doesn't work

drakfyre says ...

Link still down.

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