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Isolated Empire

by Daz - Competition Entry

^ Source included in that download.
Compilation instructions:
1. Get Lazarus .9.28.3 beta / SVN / daily with FPC 2.4.0.
2. Download Andorra from
3. Fix whatever errors Andorra's source may have
4. Recompile the openGL lib if on Linux
5. Make sure the Lazarus project file knows where Andorra is
6. If on linux, download and extract the Linux libs to the folder.
7. If on linux, search and replace ".dll" with ".so" [I haven't configured the source to be cross-platform without any changes]
** This game can only be compiled for Win/Linux due to Andorra.

Isolated Empire starts off with the premise that you and a few others have managed to strand yourself on an island, with no way way off other than the resources on the island and your bare hands.

Basic controls:
Mouse: Interactivity
Arrow Keys: Moving the map

1. Once your world has finished generating, click on the tile with the flag on it. From here, you can create more villagers. Villagers are the people that are with you, and are now inhabiting this island.
2. Click on other tiles with objects on them to harvest. Simply press the corresponding button that pops up.
3. IMPORTANT: Your villagers require constant sustenance. Keep a close eye on your food and water supplies, or your people will die! *** The only way to get food is to create a farm (from the bottom of the screen)
4. So you've got some villagers now. Awesome. Now look at the top right of the screen. You should see numbers like "1/3/10" The first number is the number of villagers _working_. The second is the total number of villagers, and the third is how many villagers you can create.
5. Oops you've hit your population cap? At the bottom of the screen you can click the house and click a tile to place it (must be empty, as with all others). Note that you can only have up to 250 villagers.
6. Collect enough resources to build a raft and get away!
7. Watch your time limit! (Upper right)

Created with:
Free Pascal Compiler (via Lazarus IDE)
Andorra 2D [GFX renderer]
SDL/SDL_Mixer [Sound player]
Anvil Studio [Original tunes]
GXSCC [Warped those ugly anvil studio midis into 8bit deliciousness]
GIMP [GFX] [Wav->Ogg conversion]
sfxr [SFX]
Free Audio Editor [Bump up volume of music]

I'm sure this thing is laggy as poo, and quite possibly buggy. (I submitted this barely within reach of the deadline with extremely minimal testing)

I somehow doubt this game is beatable. I meant to add more HQ's you could build so you could have closer places for villagers to collect from, but I didn't have time to put that in.

When you assign a villager to gather a resource, it will actually walk across the tiles (albeit invisibly) to its destination, gather some of the resource, and head back.
1. The villagers aren't chosen closest to the destination. You may have 1 town closer to a resource, but another town's villager might wander over.
2. The stop button doesn't work

I plan on working on this more even after judging, etc.

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Comments (archive)

Stoney says ...

Very nice game and interesting interpretation of the theme. Love the hex-style and would like to see more of this.

allen says ...

I could not get the game to run, it just shows a black screen on start up. I'm on windows 7 if it matters.

treeman says ...

You managed to soak up an hour of my time, I just love these simcity like games. I didn't manage to win, my people died of starvation and the timer had almost reached zero. :(

The music got a bit annoying after a while and I'd love a few sound effects, like when the people die or completes with the lumber jacking and such. But the gameplay was just superb.

Tenoch says ...

Very nice looking and quite complete game. I did suck at it though. Maybe it would be nice to see which zones are being worked at, even when not having the mouse over them.

Tom 7 says ...

Oh, my poor starving thirsty people!
Seems like the concept is good, and the graphics and sound fit well. I found it really hard, though: I think I need more feedback to know what's going on with the game, in particular to know which hexes are being worked on and when they yield dividends. I can't tell whether I'm going too fast or too slow, or what, but oh the casualties... :)

shady1024 says ...

Couldn't play this game. Kept saying access violation. Do you always need to compile it to run it?

eli says ...

I'm a big, big girl, in a big, big world.

PsySal says ...

Alas, it crashed on startup for me. Screenshots look awesome, though. I'll abstain from voting so that it doesn't affect your score.

Endurion says ...

Access violation on startup.

Perrin says ...

Very nice game, very polished and complete. Not exactly my cup of tea but really well executed non the less.

Diet Chugg says ...

Access violation on startup

Hempuli says ...

It doesn't open for me. :(

someone says ...

Nice, but for some reason all the graphics were upside down ??

SonnyBone says ...

Many people died.

I am to blame.

Thanks for depressing me.


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