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Artillery Isles

by Entar - Competition Entry

Artillery Isles is a realtime strategy game of sorts, in which the player must use the bases on his own islands to destroy the enemy's.

Capture more islands to produce more resources.

Here are the controls:
Left click to select a friendly island or rocket.
-- With selected friendly island or rocket --
Right click enemy island or rocket to launch or redirect rocket to attack
-- With selected friendly island only --
Right click neutral island to capture
Right click friendly island to repair
-- At any time --
Press Tab to cycle through friendly islands
Press P to Pause
Escape to Quit

I used my own framework, C/C++, SDL, SDL_mixer, and OpenGL to create this game. The Windows version probably requires that you have Visual Studio or the Microsoft Redistributable Runtime installed. Give it a shot!

Let me know if there are any crash bugs I can fix! Thanks, and have fun!

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Comments (archive)

bentosmile says ...

Getting sound and no graphics (and then a crash) using Windows Vista. :( Sorry!

brian says ...

Fun little game, loved the missile interception tracking but it was hard to control multiple islands at once, especially when the AI opponent was firing on all cylinders alot. Still a very complete and well built game.

NGangst says ...

This game is really nicely done, I really like the music and sound effects, the game basically explains its-self really well.

The gameplay is simplistic but still fun and challenging
the artwork looks great, especially the water, ai is also really well done.

overall a fantastic and well polished game

SpaceManiac says ...

Really clever. Very polished, loved the music and gameplay, absolutely fantastic! :D

Hempuli says ...

The idea was interesting, but I won all the levels by just spamming rockets. Definitely has potential!

sf17k says ...

Fun! Works great in Linux/wine.

eli says ...

Great game!!!

Very nicely polished, quick to get the hang of. I am sure some further tuning as to rates and prices would make things more challenging and interesting. I loved the level with the huge middle island.

Music a bit repetitive, could use a few more feedback-y kind of sounds. Having multiple islands under your control leads to a kind of orgy of colors, and it's hard to keep track of which one is nearly dead.

AI is perfectly acceptable for a 48-hour game, having network/multiplayer along with the extra fine-tuning and maybe a few random events and upgradeable weapons could turn this into a really, really fun game.

Great job!

Endurion says ...

Nice game although spamming the enemy with rockets seemed to do the trick. Probably a bit more balance would fix this.

Also, for some reason this runs incredibly slow on my machine.

shady1024 says ...

I just get a blank window with a white background. When I close the window, it says your program has experienced an error.

Jonny D says ...

I like some of the ideas here, but there's not enough variety to keep the player and the cpu reasonably distracted from just launching rockets repeatedly. Redirecting rockets is a neat idea, though it isn't useful enough in the current game.

SonnyBone says ...

I can't seem to earn enough resources to expand. I think I might suck pretty bad at it, I dunno.

Codexus says ...

Nice little game, works well but gets a bit repetitive after a while.

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