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A Fishing Adventure

by Sophie Houlden - Competition Entry

An adventure, where you fish, and use the fish to do different stuffs.

and by 'fish', I mean use a grappling hook :D

controls are:
- Move with WASD
- Jump with spacebar
- Action with left mouse
- Q to swap fish
- E to drop fish in hand


Got builds for Windows, OSX and also a web version too.
source file is a unity package.


Edit: added link to the timelapse on this page, seeing as all the other kids were doing it! :)

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Comments (archive)

moltanem2000 says ...

I really love this game, if it was worked on it would be the kind of thing I'd buy. Great work!

triplefox says ...

The grapple/swap/drop thing was a bit confusing at first but I got it after a few seconds. Was having fun, but I couldn't figure out the level with the glider fish and tall crates :( or is that the end?

bluescrn says ...

It has a bit of a problem, that when you drop a fish, it vanishes. Makes it easy to get suck (accidentally destroying a fish), and I couldn't find a 'reset level' key?

Graphically it's pretty good - character animation in a 48hr compo is still impressive, character movement is nice

brian says ...

Fantastic game, surprising amount of content for the period given all the animation. The controls can be a little wonky and unresponsive seemingly at random but other than that it was awesome.

ZomBuster says ...

Really cool game. Jetfish is awesome. It farts rainbows!

jplur says ...

Great great game, high marks, only thing i can think of is a reset level option.

increpare says ...

Excellent! I had fun. I enjoyed figuring things out.

Haighstrom says ...

I liked the graphics, and the 3D puzzles were great. I loved the jetfish!

smn says ...

Very funny and nice looking game! Needs sound tho >:D

psnake says ...

The puzzles are good and I like the idea of different fishes with different abbilities (I specially liked the jetfish xD).

There's really some possiblities on what type of levels you can create with them, I hope you do an extra pack of levels.

dock says ...

There's definitely a lot going on here for a LD48 game! :D Great work Sophie!

Codexus says ...

I'm once again humbled by your awesomeness ;) All those cool modes, it's like a Zelda game where you get all the good stuff in 5 minutes instead of 50 hours.

The control inertia and high sensitivity was annoying and it's lacking a bit of polish but the concept is really cool. It's more a fishing theme than islands, though.

I agree that it's bad that the fishes disappear completely when you drop them but I didn't get stuck.

NeiloGD says ...

I got stuck on the level with spikes, and the aiming kept locking up :-(

refrag says ...

Excellent work. Well done! Loved the puzzles. Loved the absurd ideas (fishing with a grappling hook!!). Had a hard time identifying the types of fish in the water and the ability to reset a level without dying would have been nice. :) I hope you continue to polish this title and explore the mechanics a bit more.

Entar says ...

Woo, rainbow trail jetfish! Yeehaw! Fun stuff.

Colin Allen says ...

Very fun and amazing graphics!

jhauberg says ...

Nice to see a game with proper animations. The rainbow trail looks fantastic (saw this in an pre-final build, dunno if its still there, didnt make it all the way through this time!).

Mouse control was a bit sensitive for my taste, but overall it worked fine. I got stung by the "drop fish" a few times like bluescrn, but still completed most levels :)

xeon06 says ...

This was fucking awesome. I just played with my friends and we had a blast trying to figure out the stuff. Too bad I was playing in windowed mode and only saw the "Lock mouse cursor" thing when I was over. Still, great game, best game of this competition I played as of yet.

fydo says ...

Great! :D

This makes me happy inside.

shockedfrog says ...

The Windows version's buggy mouse controls made it pretty much unplayable, but the Web version was great(though short) and I'd love to see more.

Barefists says ...

Very impressive game, especially in 48 hours! It was a little difficult to understand in the beginning, but once you got the core idea, the game rocked. :)

Almost says ...

Finally made it to the top of that tower of boxes, and accidentally used jetfish instead of hoverfish :(

eli says ...

Another LD gem!! The possibilities shown here are really endless. These few levels are a great showcase. I really, really loved the concept.

This could easily be extended in a full-length game. It demands sound and about 200 levels.

Great work.

Tozy says ...

Love it <3

Endurion says ...

Awesomeness in a can! This rocks. All that in 48 hours?

I absolutely adore the Cutefish. Other than being cute it doesn't serve a purpose I reckon?

As bluescrn said: I miss a reset level key (had to walk into spikes) and sound.

Make that a full blown game, 100 levels and mail it to me, kthxbye ;)

jfroco says ...

Excellent game! Super original. It's so sad that you couldn't include a song or sound effects. Include music, sounds, more levels/puzzles (are you planning to include enemies?) and you will have an incredible game. Congratulations.

SonnyBone says ...

This would be PERFECTION with some SFX and music. I played the builds throughout LD17 and KNEW your final version would be stellar. GREAT FRIGGIN WORK!


AClockWorkLemon says ...

Great game, with a bit of work you could probably sell it!

Hempuli says ...

Interesting mechanic! The movement was a bit slippery, but the puzzles were sure fun.

Perrin says ...

This was really good fast paced fun. Nice grappling mechanic.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Found the lack of reset combined with fish dropping *highly* frustrating.. Which is a shame, because a lot of the rest was pretty excellent.

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