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YARGH! Shake Yer Booty!

by stuckie - Competition Entry

== UPDATE 2 ==
Wow, what a jackass... the previous uncompressed version contained the data for the engine test I sent out ( proof - is the original demo on hour 44, it contains the same script set as this uncompressed version which was linked till two mins ago - )
Thanks to shockedfrog for pointing it out!

What you can do, is mix and match the exes with the ( now four ) different zips, and it'll all work regardless.. so you could have, for instance, switched the virus scanner twitchy compressed exe in the original release, with the uncompressed one and it'd work fine. The engine has zero game logic, it's all in script so it wouldn't matter.

I've now updated the Uncompressed link with that containing the uncompressed exe PLUS the actual released data set.. and I've properly beat myself about the head for my stupidity.. perhaps next LD I'll actually release something without any bugger ups!

== UPDATE 2 ==

== UPDATE ==

I've added an uncompressed Win32 binary release as some virus scanners have been throwing hissy fits. I can only assume this is due to running the binary through UPX to compress it.

If there are any other issues, please let me know :)

== UPDATE ==

The one mega zip contains all data, an AMD64 Linux binary and a Win32 binary.

Engine source changes shall be up shortly once I get it committed to the branch. -- edit: They're up now, you can browse here: or grab direct from SVN:

Reposting the ReadMe here ( it's a ReadMe for a reason ;) )

YARGH! - Shake Yer Booty!

It's not quite complete.. there's a number of things missing but I've spent most of this weekend fighting with my engine and chasing obscure list bugs, sadly.
I'm releasing as is; there's still a lot there and it's amusing to see just how vicious the computer can actually be at times.
It's sheer bedlam!
Feel free to fiddle with the scripts as well ;)

I did atleast fix the bug that they'd go and absolutely destroy all the forts and mines immediately after starting ;)
Granted, you can't pillage the mines or forts ( it refused to pick up the buttons for some reason ) but hopefully this'll be a quick fix later.

I've enjoyed this Ludum Dare.. it's been a fun game to work on :)
Engine issues aside, of course...

Anyway, brief controls:
Left Click on your ship to select it.
Right Click moves it.
Arrow Keys or moving the mouse to the edge of the screen pans the camera.

While a unit is selected:
Hold LEFT Control and Right click an enemy unit to attack it.
Hold LEFT Shife and Right click on the ground to board/disembark from a ship ( depending on whether you're controlling a ship or man at the time )

Apologies that I didn't get this finished as much as I'd have liked...
And I shall say the usual - I'll try and continue it where possible!

Hope you at least enjoy wandering around and seeing the computer cause mayhem ;)

Oh, and you can change the screen resolution in the data/scripts/config.sgz ( just a text file )
640x480 is a bit cramped, 1024x768 was what it was developed in, but I'm sure you can ramp it up if you like.

Thanks :)
Steven Campbell

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Comments (archive)

xeon06 says ...

Cool game, I got somewhat annoyed that the ship's orders were always queued instead of becoming the "active" order. Maybe another key for queuing or a key to cancel all orders. And I couldn't do a whole lot, some display bugs here and there, but still good considering the context.

Hempuli says ...

The controls were a bit clumsy, it felt as if the ship reacted to multiple clicks only after some time, which made navigating slightly difficult. Otherwise a very nice game, you had some great ideas here! :)

shockedfrog says ...

The uncompressed version seems to be totally different, probably an older version? There's no other ships/pirates in it and the player can't disembark.

Endurion says ...

Grand, Trend Micro complained about the files and wouldn't let me download. Can you check, I'll reckon its a false positive.
Thanks for the swap, however Trend Micro still complains :(

SonnyBone says ...

Wow, the spacebar does some kind of weird TIME RIP CONTINUUM thing.

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