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Angry Stan And The Island Of Doom

by NGangst - Competition Entry

Angry Stan And The Island Of Doom is a short

Bitmask based Platformer, quickly grab all of the coins before the tide comes in and drowns Stan.

Managed To Get the Source Code link to show up ( :

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played my game and additional thanks to everyone who left feedback.


Sparky + fydo :
There isnt much i can do about this to be honest, it is an Allegro problem, the problem seems to have dissapeared for me with the new build but since I dont know where the initial problem lies I cannot ensure it has gone.

Also reposted this page and it sorted out the source code link not being shown.

shockedfrog :
Thanks, and thanks even more for playing it to completion, I wish I could have had time to put more gameplay and features in.

Hempuli :
Thanks, the low resolution version has now been updated so the camera is in a better place, the low resolution mode happens whenever the hardware the game is being ran on doesnt support the 1152x864 development resolution(tends to fail on laptops) this is an issue I will remember in future, so thanks again for letting me know, im also really glad you enjoyed the day/night.

Thank you very much I am glad you liked it, also glad you realised about space, I wanted something similar to the flight in bluebery garden so that the player could fly above incoming waves.

Thanks lol

thanks for the comment, allthough I havent had this first issue, could you elaborate, also the up is there for development, I decided to leave it in, so that anyone playing could simply lift up to watch the day/night go by, the jump is actually the space key and works as intended.

Thanks Again to everyone and well done to everyone who entered.

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Comments (archive)

Sparky says ...

I'm trying to play, but Stan falls through the island as if it's not solid over and over at the beginning of the game. Is this a bug?

fydo says ...

Getting the same issue here as Sparky.

Also, I couldn't find a link to your source.

Hempuli says ...

The game complained about not being able to set video mode, which resulted in the camera being weirdly off.

There isn't much here, yet, but I liked the way you had made there to be a day/night cycle, clouds and other decoration!

dertom says ...

Hehe,..actually I like your game and stan :D! With keep space pressed you were even able to fly over the water (and beyond :D ) Keep on rocking

SonnyBone says ...

I love how you turned a bug into a feature.

Endurion says ...

There are some weird graphic glitches (parts of bitmaps looking through others), also if you keep up pressed you can float up the air as long as you wish.

shockedfrog says ...

While the gameplay isn't up to much, it gets points for humour (especially the ending) and the core idea shows some potential as a good action-puzzle.

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