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Ancient Island

by psnake - Competition Entry

It's a text adventure where you are in an island belonging to an ancient culture.
The game is command driven, meaning that all you can do in a certain place is given to you in a menu.

The game was written in Python 2.6 (it doesn't work on Python 3 and above due to the print command).

Update: an py2exe binary for Windows users who don't have Python 2.6 has been uploaded.

Update 2: I fixed a bug that showed up on exiting the game (both through the command "exit game" and when entering the cave with all puzzles done). The previous version is still online if want to see the differences.

Known Bugs:
* If the player gives an empty line it throws an error

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Comments (archive)

NMcCoy says ...

Game crashed on the Windows version when I entered the cave with the lit torch. Also I learned a new word:

allen says ...

Shame it crashes, I wanted to finish it.

smn says ...

Had fun while it lasted! Definitely going to check out the full one!

jplur says ...

Well written and interesting puzzles, too bad about the input error crashing the program

Tozy says ...

I really like this game. It's like the old text adventures, but with a new touch. I dont know what... but it has something very fresh. ;)

Endurion says ...

Hurray, no shaders :)
Nice puzzles, obviously the command preselection helps along.

hamburger says ...

Solid little puzzle. Found it a bit annoying that I couldn't type in what I wanted to do, instead had to choose from a limited list of options. This also made the puzzle solutions more brainless; on the other hand, didn't have to deal with the annoyance of unrecognized commands. :)

Diet Chugg says ...

Umm... I'm putting n/a for graphics because this one has interpretive graphics. Really it's letting the player's mind do the graphics which is hard to judge.

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