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by jwaap - Competition Entry

A game where you dive for stars. Get them all to win.

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jhauberg says ...

I really hate it when games go fullscreen without asking. But putting that aside - this game is good stuff.
The jump+gravity switch mechanic works very well, and seem to have a lot of potential. At least in platformers.

increpare says ...

Haven't been able to finish this yet. Tearing combines really excellently with interlacing!

Sophie Houlden says ...

somehow, buoyancy = -gravity is totally awesome.
really feels good to complete this one too, you get favourable scores from me on this :)

Maple says ...

Yeah sorry my previous comment was kinda useless... And I agree, it really is pretty awesome when you complete the game. I love the style of puzzle element this game has.

Endurion says ...

I like it. I managed to activate the jump pads but can't get any higher now. I've no idea how to get higher/deeper.
Good stuff!

SonnyBone says ...


This is pretty fun!

pekuja says ...

This is another game I get angry at. I jump from the highest point on the map and *thump* hit the ground and lose my momentum, having to travel all the way back up. Other than that, I loved playing it. I hope you do a bigger game around the mechanic.

Tenoch says ...

Nice realisation and everything, but I really dont get this one oO

philomory says ...

This is a pretty sweet game. I dig the retro graphics, although at first it's a *bit* hard to tell what's what. The line pointing to the nearest star is an aiming aid, or leftover debugging info? I couldn't tell. Anyway, the only thing I might change would be to add more of those unlockable trampolines, so that when you made a mistake you didn't lose quite so much of your progress. I got all but 5 stars, and liked it enough that I might try it again later, but it did get kinda frustrating doing the same jumps over and over again.

EDIT: Finally finished it, and I'm even more fond of it now. Finally reaching that last star was very satisfying, though I'm not entirely sure what the ending screen was supposed to show.

Srekel says ...

Great fun but extremely annoying! :D I got all but five stars, though I'm not sure what "trampolines" people are talking about..

localcoder says ...

3 hours?! This is great. I haven't won this yet (5 stars left) but I'll come back for it :)

edit: and I did.

tembac says ...

Nice concept.

Hempuli says ...

Excellent game mechanic! The scanlines made my eyes bleed because the resize was a bit off on my computer, but otherwise I enjoyed it a lot!

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