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Clean the Island!!

by jfroco - Competition Entry

Instructions: Help your crustacean to clean the island. Find all cans in the island and Avoid mice. Move your hero using the mouse pointer.

You don't need to press any button in this game... actually you need to press any mouse button to start, but... you know.

The game runs at fullscreen 1024x768x32.

Clean the Island!! was created for Ludum Dare 17 competition (Theme: Islands, April 23rd-25th 2010).

It was made using PlayBasic for coding, Audacity and Acoustica Mixcraft for sound and music, and for "graphics".

Note: Only one level, sorry I run out of time :(

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Comments (archive)

Mstrp2ez says ...

Nice game jfroco, sweet music and easy to understand.

zdanielz says ...

I actually really liked this game, very simple, but challenging and fun.
I wish the ending would be a bit more rewarding, it seems that touching the can yielded similar results to touching one of the mice... (Apart from the sound effect)
Nice music as well.

Good job man.

Diet Chugg says ...

Simple yet fun. I really liked the graphics and the music. Would of liked to see more levels but we do what we can right? great job.

Endurion says ...

Nice game, lovely music. A shame there are not more levels.

SonnyBone says ...

Rad music. And yes, needs more levels. It will be interesting to see if you can find the line between challenging and frustrating with this type of gameplay.


Hamumu says ...

The music is great. These have to be the biggest pixels I've ever seen. I liked the graphics... it all felt very snappy and happening, like if I got the can I'd be kicked back to the Wario Ware menu for my next game.

I'd like to point out that mice have ears, though.

eli says ...

Good effort, very nice and clear graphics. I felt the theme was kind of tacked on. Great music! I liked the logistic complications of being surrounded by mice. There are probably interesting levels to be made.

philomory says ...

The graphics and audio are cute, the gameplay is solid if not that challenging. Could do with a bit more depth, but all in all, not bad :)

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