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Islands in the Sky

by UnionGames - Competition Entry

This game is for the people who like a challange but don't like to be frustrated with one.

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Comments (archive)

Robert Swan says ...

Short and sweet

SonnyBone says ...

The game window is REALLY small. On my screen, at least.


Endurion says ...

Simple, short and nice.
Somehow the jump doesn't always seem to register.

fydo says ...

I was unable to locate the sourcecode for your game.

PsySal says ...

Super cute, smart little game. I beat it. I really like the music, it somehow makes me feel like it's a little bit RPG-ish, if that even makes sense. I guess the music is RPG-ish and it makes me feel good to play a platformer to it. Great job!

hamburger says ...

Cute; not terribly interesting though!

Hempuli says ...

a bit bare-bones, but fun as long as it lasted.

Tom 7 says ...

Fun short platformer. I often walked off the edge and 'jumped' in the air (to my death). I wish there had been a 3x mode, since fullscreen is pretty intense but 1:1 is too tiny. Liked the music and graphics.

Tozy says ...

Some narrative would not hurt.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Fun, cute, didn't outstay it's welcome.

philomory says ...

Basic mechanics worked ok. A solid platformer, though not a lot of variety to the level design. Nice to have an entry with both music and sfx, though the music seemed a bit off.

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