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by invicticide - Competition Entry

My first Ludum Dare entry ever. This probably got about 26-28 hours of actual hands-on work. Unity is the best thing. :D

In this game you play an explorer in the Age of Sail. Outfit your ship and crew and set sail in search of uncharted islands, buried treasure, and mythical creatures.

It's kind of a short-form roguelike, I suppose. I didn't get to make as many events as I wanted to before the deadline, so I'll have to flesh that out in a later version. Event variety really makes all the difference, here.


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Comments (archive)

Xopods says ...

Kind of an obvious concept to work with, but a fun one. In a way, going obvious is in itself original - I've seen more sky islands (my own game included) than water islands.

Obviously, the game could use improved graphics and, as you say yourself, more events, better balance, etc., but it's a good start. Reminds me of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, which isn't a bad thing. I hope you continue to work on it now that LD is over!

sander says ...

Dinosaur island was a nice surprise.

crackerblocks says ...

Good start. Has potential, but a little too random right now. I thought it odd that it always asked me "do you want to dig up the treasure?", "do you want to fight pirates?". The answer seems a tad obvious.

increpare says ...

I must admit that the load-out screen almost made me put off playing this indefinitely, but once I spotted the 'default' button, I was able to play about and enjoy myself.

frosty says ...

Very nice. I liked the cutscene graphics and the overall game is solid for a weekend effort. The piano music was a nice choice, too.

refrag says ...

Thank you for the default load-out button!

Diet Chugg says ...

Yay for the Priests! My team only had priests and they rock. Priest Pirates arrgggg!!!!

localcoder says ...

Pretty cool, I met a wide variety of unfortunate ends :)

Despite the description, I always brought a priest just in case...

Tozy says ...

Hehe, nice! The humor gives it a lot of extra points.

Daz says ...

LOL I found a dinosaur. This game was quite entertaining, but unfortunately I always had trouble outrunning storms.

Endurion says ...

Good game. Is there a goal actually? I tried to explore the full map but usually the crew mutinied before. There's not too much you can do against that?

More events, bigger map!

Jonathan Whiting says ...

The load-out was a little too complicated and didn't feel important enough. The events felt pretty brutal and arbitrary, without deep tactics.. Having said all that I did enjoy pottering about quite a bit, and there's a lot of potential here.

drakfyre says ...

Really solid entry.

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