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by marblecake - Competition Entry

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fydo says ...

It appears that there isn't a game here?

Cosine says ...

Not that great. I would just get stuck on an island. I didn't even see a way to get points.

allen says ...

There's the game, maybe he didn't know how to submit?

zez says ...

Game wasnt properly linked... whatever.
The Good - Totally awesome island rising/sea level dropping thing. It worked, it was intuitive.
The Bad - nothing else really worked. My score whent up for no reason whatsoever, I got stuck on islands, the ships controls where not nearly responsive enough for how fast it moved.
The Ugly - total lack of sound. Cmon man, sfxr has existed for how long? You also didnt link the game so I had to dig around in your posts, fortunately there weren't that many. Also, why am I saving starfish? How the hell do I win? WTF?

Mstrp2ez says ...

Nice twist on the theme, steering was a bit annoying at times, i hit islands when i crossed the screen boundaries even though there were no island on the other side of the screen. No sound unfortunetly. You kept the game sweet and simple and that's cool as well.

philomory says ...

The game idea is interesting, but controls are incredibly frustrating.

jhauberg says ...

Doesn't work on Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.3).

Hempuli says ...

the ship control was quite awful, but I must agree that the water level worked in a very cool way!

Endurion says ...

Thanks to allen I could actually test the game:
The sea level was a damn great idea. However the controls kill any gaming fun at once. The ship is moving way too fast and it takes like 3 minutes for the water to rise again. During which you are mostly stuck on an island with pixel wise movement.
Especially with the sea level you could make this quite interesting, if you iron out the control issues.

SonnyBone says ...

This controls like a greased-up bathtub on ice.

Cool idea, but I just can't manage to do anything other than slam into islands at light speed over and over.


Perrin says ...

I found this quite tricky to play.

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