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by tove - Competition Entry

Wily pirates locked in a skirmish to the death! A two-player game, written in Processing. Requires Java, and be sure to give the applet plenty of time to load.

There have been some reported problems with the Windows version; as I do not own a Windows machine, I can't really do much about it. It did work on the one Windows computer I tried it on, during the 48-hour creation period.

Note: I spent my first 24 hours working on an unrelated game, so this is more like a 24-hour-game.


My submission seems to have gotten deleted; I'm not sure what happened. I hope that the the previous comments I received (which are very helpful -- thanks!) did not also get deleted. If it was deleted for an actual reason, as opposed to a fluke in the system, please leave a comment to let me know what I did wrong. Thanks!

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Comments (archive)

Tenoch says ...

I like the bullet patterns and how you can shoot yourself if you want. Graphics are simple but nice.

Not sure why there are 4 fire buttons though. Is there any difference?

Didn't play with someone, but i imagine it could keep us busy for a while.

skintkingle says ...

I found this amusing to play... although the amusement wore off after 1 game as playing both ships was difficult, and i didnt have anyone in my house who would take the other controls.
Graphics look nice but the game as a whole is sort of lacking. If you added an AI in for the other ship to make it 1-player, just randomly issues commands to the ship, I'm sure the game would of been much more enjoyable!

philomory says ...

I can't get it to run, either on the web or the download version. :(

Endurion says ...

Cute idea, I like the decision to only allow one direction ;)
Can't vote fairly for Fun and Overall as I hadn't had a second player to play with.

Stoney says ...

Nice idea, I hope you are going to add an AI opponent and configurable keys would be nice.
Windows and Web version didn't work me though, only the Mac OS X one was working.

SonnyBone says ...

I LOOOOOVE the tide effect.


demonpants says ...

Pretty cool, although I didn't really understand how it was supposed to work. Still, it was fun and it's cool to see another Java game in here.

brian says ...

Interesting little game, well put together but it just wasn't very fun for a friend and I, the one-way gimmick was great though and I think maybe with some form of aiming it would have been a lot better.

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