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by Nora Shishi - Competition Entry

Make your islands avoiding the magma!

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Comments (archive)

ickylevel says ...

Hmm it's barely a game but that's ok :p

Haighstrom says ...

Lovely graphics, nice little sandbox art game.

nutink says ...

I reccomend the next time arround to add effects to the different pieces, and to provide a goal. Either way, lovely little game

Tenoch says ...

Cute art, but what's the goal?

Tozy says ...

Ok, a simulator... but, how do I make more money?

Srekel says ...

Interesting concept, though in its current state it's hard to understand what to do or if anything has any effect. The gui is kind of annoying to work with too.

Endurion says ...

Ok, what gives? I can't even build the tree and mountains from the screenshot? Every click shoots a fire ball. I can move tiles around to avoid but there's no way to gain anything?

jfroco says ...

I think is a good idea, but I couldn't make any money :( I didn't see trees or mountains.

hamburger says ...

I couldn't figure out how to make money either, but visually the whole thing is quite charming!

Tom 7 says ...

Wow, awesome! I love the graphics and everything plays so smoothly. It was also interesting to develop a strategy, part of which involves balancing the island placement to be near the top corners, but not so high that you can't react to falling magma fast enough, and balancing dense islands for bigger combos with space to quickly shuffle away precious squares. It'd be perfrect with cool music to go with it, and some way for me to win. (Or maybe there is... I got like 1600000 points before suspecting that it would just go on forever, but maybe I'm not patient enough.)

Spoiler instructions (one of the things I liked about this game was figuring it out with just the in-game nonverbal cues): Once you decorate your island, you can sell the contents by clicking; you get points proportional to the number of adjacent objects. As you get more coin, you can build more expensive stuff, but the volcano gets meaner.

One of my favorite LD17 games. Really good, congrats! :)

Diet Chugg says ...

This game lacks documentations... Good game once I figured it out though. Press space to sell stuffs more stuff you have together more monies you get.

jovoc says ...

This is a great game, and really true to the spirit of LD. I really hope it doesn't get overlooked.

Agree with the rest of the commenters, without instructions this is really hard and I never would have figured it out without tom7's comments.

But once you get it, fantastic game mechanics, simple and yet deep. The graphics are a perfect fit for the game, and the game a great fit for the theme.

I just LOVE the idea that every mouse click is a risk, and yet it's a sim-type micromanagement game where it's all about clicking. I don't think I've ever seen a mechanic like that before.

And also, it's just great fun to just click a lot and make the volcano go supernova.

eli says ...

As jovoc said, only understood how to play because of comments. VERY interesting game. The rising price of raw island really keeps it difficult. Good work.

madk says ...

I'm sorry, but this game was modified long after the deadline. If you doubt me, observe that the screenshot provided does not match the game's appearance of the menu. At the deadline, you were able to place all the tile types and there was no money.

Draknek says ...

Really cool game mechanics. Definitely needs more instructions though.

Either a time limit or a target amount would be nice.

Codexus says ...

It took a while to understand but once I found out how to make money it was fun. Nice game!

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