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Eden Island

by brandoncash - Competition Entry

The goal of the game is to create your own island and keep the ecosystem in balance.

Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to finish. There is still a lot more stuff to go in that just didn't make it. Hopefully, however, you'll get the concept of the game a bit.

Art by Germille, sprites and some music by bftd, coding by me. To those saying it has to be a solo competition, it is never mentioned in the rules.

I've added a link to the source now. After I fix some of the bugs present in the current version, I'll put up a repo on github.

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Comments (archive)

Ashkin says ...

It's interesting and I like the atmosphere, but the gameplay is lacking.

fydo says ...

This is a very pretty toy, but I don't see how this is a game? Is it possible to win or lose?

smn says ...

Stunning visuals, atmospheric audio! It's like a Zen garden with dark music in the background!

mattdev says ...

Very cool, the art is great. I wasn't quite sure what I had to do when the pirates arrived, though! They seemed to just slaughter all the island-monkeys?

Hempuli says ...

Great graphics and interesting gameplay! I'd love to see more plants and animals, though.

Entar says ...

Cool little game. At one point I stopped being able to place plants and monkeys though :(

ickylevel says ...

The idea is pretty interesting. Develop it more and it could be a fantastic game. Yet now its lacking (but I've seen worse in this compo).

Xopods says ...

Nice graphics and sound, interesting concept... but as others have said, it's not really a game. Which is fine, since you said you hadn't finished.

Also, they may have changed the rules, but last I knew, part of the point of Ludum Dare was that you had to do it alone - no teams.

increpare says ...

I was never sure what the restrictions were on planting plants. Atmosphere was good. Loved when the ships arrived.

(also, just so you know, ludum dare is meant to be a solo competition, and source code is supposed to be submitted. No biggie, though : ))

arielsan says ...

Lacks of gameplay a bit, but graphics and audio are great. I like it.

zez says ...

First off, hi cai! I gave you a 2 in community despite you not having any posts on LD, largely due to how awesome you are in the flixel community (If I was just rating that you would have gotten a 5 fo shizzle.) This is zez, btw.

Allright, stuff.
The Good - Its pretttttyyyyy. The atmosphere was awesome, sound was great. I really dug how you used collide to generate islands, and the reflection effect on the water was an awesome touch. I also dug how plants grew when they got wet, really nicely done.
The Bad - well... this wasn't really a game, now was it? It would have been pretty awesome as background stuff in a game, you could use it to randomly generate the levels and have them mutate over time due to weather effects. That would have been tight. There really is a lot of potential here, it just isnt reached.
The Ugly - You really should have set the bounding box on the trees better. I know its tricky to do when you are using scale, but currently its possible to make trees that float in mid air, and that totally ruins the feel of this game.
Still, all in all, it was pretty rad, despite not being a game.

sfernald says ...

Really clever and interesting game. Too bad it is unfinished. You should definitely finish the game!

refrag says ...

I love it. This is my favourite entry so far. Glad I stuck around long enough to see the pirates. I'd love to see this expanded on so I can watch my Island evolve and survive through other scenerios.

But yeah.. LD is a solo competition. Though it looks like this FAQ didn't transfer over to LD17:
(I only dinged you under "Community" for not following the solo rule.)

xeon06 says ...

Very cool, not much to do though, and my monkeys would just die (or sleep?) but still neat. Keep on working on that!

allen says ...

I knocked points off graphics and sound because you didn't do them. Ludum Dare has been solo from the beginning, why would this be changed?

jplur says ...

Makes me want to learn flixl

pwnmonkey says ...

really really cool, as stated before, it would be tons better with more gameplay elements

SonnyBone says ...

OOH. This will be so rad if you keep working on it. (please keep working on it)

That sucks about the rule mishap, though.

Stoney says ...

It's an interesting and nice game and I love sandbox games in general.
Bummer, you didn't make graphics and sounds/music yourself, so I didn't give you as much stars there as I would have.

Endurion says ...

Lovely toy box :)
And then the pirates came and killed all my monkeys. I let there be monkey rain and they perished. Muahahaha...
Keep on working on this, I wanna see where this is heading.

shawn42 says ...

I had to mark your graphics down because you didn't create them. Ludum Dare is a known solo competition. It wasn't explicitly forbidden in the LD17 rules, but was in the LD16 rules: / rant aside this is a fun toy that I'd like to play when it gets more interactions.

the31 says ...

The LD17 page is marked as a draft, and in that case I think you should have seen this in the LD16 rules:

Ludum Dare is a solo, from scratch competition."

This describes the Ludum Dare, and is integral to the compo. It was obviously just a careless omission. (Unless it was a way to fight against the ToJam people, in which case I think we would have been told about this significant rule change.) I understand that you probably didn't notice this, but it's not in the spirit of the Ludum Dare to do this as a team.

Anyway, the game. Sound and graphics were great. The reflections looked pretty good, and the spriting was very enjoyable to look at. Music had a good feel to it. There was a z-ordering issue, but I don't know how you can handle that with flixel (I take my Flash raw). But for a three-person team, I would have expected more gameplay, or at least a clearer reason why I couldn't place down more palm trees. It was fun at first, but after I realized I had already hit the end-game, I was a little disappointed.

Tozy says ...

At first its hard to read the text because of the clouds.

Perrin says ...

Really lovely little experiment, would love to see you develop it a bit more. Enjoyed playing about with it and having my monkeys fight off the pirate hordes. Don't worry about all those militant about the rules. You made a nice little game.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Can't rate highly because of the solo only thing. Still an interesting and engaging experiment though.

cptalbertwesker says ...

I really loved this game, its cute graphics and novel idea was awesome, would of been nicer if the sand could of been placed in larger chunks, but its real cool for a 48 hour game, very unique

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