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Island Guns

by pubby8 - Competition Entry

This is my TD game.

If you DL'd it in the torrent then you should redownload this one, as the torrent one most likely has an unfixed bug!

Hopefully it is bug free and actually possible to win!

@JPLUR: I am unable to have the glitch happen on my machine - what wave is it on and what happens when it reaches the castle?

Mouse - Does almost everything
Escape - save and quit to menu
Home - hit this in game if you are getting strange pictures in the background - otherwise don't press it.

Land - 1 Tile land
Small Volcano - Creates a small island
Volcano - Creates a large volcano - you can build stuff onto this volcano

Power - power source
Lava Power - Mega power source from Volcano
Lines - Power lines which carry power
Factory - Gets you a small amount of money when given power
Bank - Gives you "interest" on your money
Gun - Basic weapon
Homing Gun - Very accurate but weaker
Laser - 100% accurate, very strong, but uses lots of power
Taser - A short-range laser that slows enemies
Heater - Damages many enemies in a small radius
Lava Gun - Draws power and lava from a volcano to create a super efficient mega-gun

Laser display bug
Graphical Display bug
Bank Bug
#2 Bank bug
Clicking bug

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Comments (archive)

madk says ...

Bug, laser towers throw me tons of error messages.

Fun game, by the way.

Oh, and what do factories and banks do?

zorbathut says ...

I like the "power" mechanic, but I've got some pretty nasty graphics corruption when running it on WinXP. I can send you a screenshot if you need.

skintkingle says ...

After inspection it looks like the Graphics buffer on my card wasnt cleared when your game draws and.. isnt cleared.. this is drawing graphics from the previous game i played. and it's constant. Edit: That fixed it.. Nice game. very interesting how you can customize it with new land :)

KavuDX says ...

As a game, it's one of the best on this edition of LD.
I love TDs, and this one was really well built. The concept of a factory and a bank were really creative!

My only complaint is the music, which was getting on my nerves after some wave, which led me to stop playing.

Other than that, awesome game, keep on improving it!

crackerblocks says ...

Very addictive. I like the volcano motif. Something is causing me to lose all my money though. I suspect there might be a bug in the banks. It started happening after I built 2.

jplur says ...

This looks really promising but there is a bug where the last fish never enters your base, and never loads the next level.

@pubby I can record a video or something later; happens on the first wave.
EDIT: I really really want to play this, the fish seem to be invincible. I'm using windows 7

eli says ...

Great concept.

Dzarg says ...

Very nice tower defense. A lot more variation in towers than in my LD island towers. Very nicely done for a 48h project. I think this is currently the best game I've played in here.

The fighting part could be a bit faster though or allow construction during the fight. Maybe have an option that allows for speed changes or something like that.

Also the game isn't very challenging at the end. I generally like TD games to be extremely challenging towards the end.

As a tower defense fan I've played probably over a hundred different tower defenses. This is one of the most creative tower defenses I've played. And with a bit of fine tuning it has the potential to be one of the best ones.

MrPhil says ...

I like this game a lot. It is fun to play and challenging. It is a great use of the theme. Great work.
PS If would have been nice if the Factory and Bank has some explanation text, and the power system was vague and caused me to get into trouble more than once.

Endurion says ...

Great mixture of Tower Defense and Sim Something. I like the added power lines, finally a bit more strategic thought needs to be put in.

philomory says ...

This game is actually pretty fun, though I'm really bad at tower defense in general and have not once managed to survive long enough to accumulate enough money to buy anything more expensive than the homing gun. Sad, 'cause the volcano stuff looks pretty cool. Nicely on-theme, too.

Tom 7 says ...

Good game! The gameplay is pretty tight. I made some bad choices the first few times playing (it's easy to build guns that can hardly ever hit stuff, because they don't lead shots) but eventually I figured out a good strategy, though I never really quite understood the power flow. The music reminds me of Rampart. Very apropos use of theme. Played this for like 45 minutes. One of the best so far.

SonnyBone says ...

It's not super innovative and doesn't really make use of the theme in any spectacular way, but it's DAMN FUN. I hate TD games, but this was very enjoyable. Got to wave 26 before having my entire life brought to a screeching halt!

cptalbertwesker says ...

Great tower defence, the power mechanic made it very tricky and you had to be very strategic, great game and concept, a real amazing turn out from LD

IK1985 says ...

Vergy good tower defence game loved that you had to provide power for the towers made it a bit different from other tower defence games enjoyed it a lot

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