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Piratey Tycoon

by Tyler - Competition Entry

Its a pirate tycoon game, much like the original Sid Meiers's Pirates. To play- Buy and sell from the market menu, move to different islands from the travel menu, upgrade your ship in the town menu.
There is also a readme file included with the game.
To play a love game- Either drag the game (.love file) on to the love.exe or double click the game file and choose Love.exe as the program to run it. If you just click the love.exe you will get a tank. That is not the game. You must run the .love file

I was unable to test it on Linux or Mac, but Love is built cross compatible, so it should work.

*Please submit any bugs you find! My development team and I want to continue this project.*

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Comments (archive)

Almost says ...

It's mentioned above, but I'll mention it here:
Love.exe is for the framework, and the .love is the game file. To run the game, open the .love file with the love.exe (drag the .love onto the love.exe)

Cosine says ...

Needs less not letting me click the trade button. D:

Tom 7 says ...

I basically understood it, but this game is like information overload. I desperately needed some kind of price tracker so that I can tell whether I'm getting a good deal without doing homework. I wasn't expecting to die when I did.

pekuja says ...

A bit hard to get into. You should have instructions that you can read at your leisure instead of scrolling by slowly. Trading doesn't feel very piratey. Seems to me like pirates were the enemy here. Also, you should make an executable that runs your game directly, or at least a batch file to run it for you. I'm not sure everybody gets how to run the game.
Good show. I think with some tweaking this could be a lot of fun.

Hempuli says ...

I agree with the others, it was a bit dry as an experience. You had managed to get a lot into it, though!

philomory says ...

Sadly, it didn't seem to work for me. I just got a blank white window titled 'Lost'. And yes, I followed the instructions above, both types. I'll come back and try it later.

shawn42 says ...

I enjoyed this. It was like playing the auction house in WoW. I wish there was some sort of minimap or something that helps you when you're out in open seas. It was a little slow while figuring it out, but I found myself staring and the sell prices, poised and ready to strike!

localcoder says ...

I thought it was interesting how all the numbers updated in real time as I looked at the screen. (It was a bit strange when it happened during a battle at sea, though.)

Like Tom 7, I found myself wishing for some kind of aid to help me know if I was getting a good deal or not - or at least remind me what price I paid for the goods that I was about to sell, so I could tell if I was making a profit.

Tozy says ...

Like philomory, "I just got a blank white window titled 'Lost'." It doesn't seem like I'm missing much.

Dzarg says ...

The game took awhile to get into (to get to know which is a good price and which is a bad one). After that it was quite easy. Though I mainly just used steel, iron and silver since they had highest profits and everything seemed to take equal storage amount.

I think this is a game I played most times and longest of the ones I've tried so far (only about 15). I generally bought silver for less than 250, steel and iron for less than 200. Usually they can be sold for 300-400.

Still the sea battles seemed very hard and I died many times and had to start from the beginning. Was there anything that could be gained from winning a battle? Or should I have just always ran?

Endurion says ...

Gets completely unresponsive, I get 0.1 FPS in the menu already, when I click onto an option the app gets hung (not in the good sense).

jovoc says ...

Couldn't really get into it. Hard to figure out what to do.. needs some sort of real tutorial or better yet, a progression where it starts off really simple and adds stuff/items/options slowly.

Some great names for the boats and crew, though. With some tuning and especially a LOT of tuning on the learning curve, could be a lot of fun.

Diet Chugg says ...

followed instructions however I got a white screen as well.

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