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Coconut Island

by Built by Man - Competition Entry

My First Ludum Dare Game : Coconut Island

Mr Turtle's island has been hit by a tornado blowing away all his coconuts.
Help Mr Turtle recover all his lost coconuts while avoiding the islands creatures.

Game made using Game Maker 7.0
Sprites made using Paint.Net

Source Included in .Zip

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Comments (archive)

Diet Chugg says ...

Nice Job on your 1st ludum dare entry. This one so far has been the quickest of the games for me to beat.

Here's some ideas if plan to expand on the game:
1. Would be cool to see a level selection screen
2. Would be cool to see Mr Turtle get a weapon he can use
3. Would like to see some animations. (objects that change sprite as they move)

I can think of more but that is really good for a 1st try. Keep up the great work. (If you look at Ludum Dare 16 that is when my first one was.)

snesgaard says ...

Ran with Wine, which is a good thing :)
Would have preferred invisible walls to respawn.
Also a question; are you supposed to be able to jump on the crabs?

Hempuli says ...

The engine was quite buggy, which made it hard for me to enjoy the game.

localcoder says ...

Nice, this game was easy to get straight into I liked how each level added something new. Also, having an ending screen is great. (I always forget to do that!)

There are some movement bugs, someone who has used GameMaker a lot could probably give you some good tips there.

Endurion says ...

Good first game. There's however a few small glitches that should be ironed out.
The elevator pushed me into a platform and I couldn't get out again. Also, Mr. Turtle always starts out with a jump on respawning.

Srekel says ...

Nice to see new game developers in the making. Your next game will certainly be much better. :)

SonnyBone says ...

OH MAN. The fish totally caught me off guard and murdered me. Some sound, animation, and bug fixes would make this game pretty neat. Keep working on it.

zdanielz says ...

Nice for a first game, I wanted more animation.. :-(

eli says ...

Congratulations on your first! Cute idea, sweet little sprites.

fydo says ...

Not bad for your first LD game! Hope to see you again next time :)

ondrew says ...

Not much island themed, but fun anyway.

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