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by TheGrieve - Competition Entry

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback on the crashes guys - seems it was a buggy opengl32.dll that a botched install of VStudio stuck on my machine. (Don't even use VStudio). Anyways, should all be fine now and I've uploaded a Linux port now too :) - it requires libglut - so please "sudo apt-get install libglut3" or however you manage your packages



You are a lone alien scout ship, sent to find a new colony for your alien friends... or

something... Anyways, the planet is full of water, you and your alien buddies hate the

stuff. Lucky for you there are loads of flying island parts. Use your space ship to drag

these parts down to the middle of the ocean and build on the existing island so its big

enough for all the freaky alien types who might follow.



Arrows - move ship
Spacebar - activate grapple
P - pauses


Known issues:

- some of the islands get randomly stuck in the air
- some vsync issues causing tearing on some machines
- HUD is jittery as all hell, due to a rounding error I was not keen on chasing down
- The "story" text seems to only work when it wants too.
- Also the "story" text scrolls uber fast on the linux build. Not a"show-stopper" so now fixies. :(


Ah well its my first LUDUM DARE! AND I SUBMITTED! :)


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Comments (archive)

zorbathut says ...

Planetfall.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll.

ZomBuster says ...

Cool game

increpare says ...

"The procedure entry point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll"

sf17k says ...

Aiming and flinging things down range was quite enjoyable, though with no position/velocity reference in the background, the radar was more useful, but it didn't show my island's shape.

Got 2484.57

Geti says ...

Woot, nice to see a pretty quick fix. Easy to pick up and play, though the momentum screwed with me quite a bit :P

shady1024 says ...

The game crashed. Am I missing a library? I got the same message zorbathut got.

EDIT: I'm getting this error now -

"The procedure point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll"

Tom 7 says ...

Nice concept. It plays smooth and was intuitive. It's only hard at the beginning, though. I found it easy to outpace the rising water. One strategy that works pretty well is to just fly around flinging the spazzing balls randomly (or better, towards the island), since they glom on their own.

The intro text scrolls way too fast on windows, too.
I swore that the vibrating hud was an earthquake, and all of a sudden I feared for my tall and thin tower. :)
I observed one spaz ball that I could attach my grapple to, but that would not be pulled. It'd just stretch my grapple all the way across the level.

Hi-score 2048

Endurion says ...

"The procedure entry point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll"

How'd you manage that? That function is part of the C runtime.

the31 says ...

To everyone who didn't get it to work, I got the same error as you and made it work just by renaming the .dll's included. Deleting them would have also worked. This is not guaranteed to work though. (I'm using Windows XP, which might also be your problem. As noted in TheGrieve's blog posts.)

Planetfall was fun, and I played it until the screen was almost clear. Finally died in the water, because my last planet chunks were down there and I couldn't find a way to regain health. There was also a bug where a few chunks wouldn't move, but that's just a bug.

The game was neat, and I really enjoyed playing it. :)

localcoder says ...

Congratulations on your first LD! I thought this was pretty fun.

On my best attempt, I started by throwing islands around randomly because aiming was too much effort - that got me to a safe height, then I had time to aim precisely but the game was too easy from that point.

I like the fuzzy outlines and how they translate into solid shapes.

jfroco says ...

I couldn't play. Same error:

"The procedure point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll"

I'm using XP. I will try on a Vista PC later.

eli says ...

Gameplay needs some tuning, but very solid idea, and it was quite exciting. I kept burying myself deep in the ocean, but it's hard to tell if reducing glide would make it more fun.

I liked the multiple-grapple mechanism, and the balance between time and the blue grapple meter.

Congrats on your first entry!! Good work.

sirGustav says ...

Managed to get it to run by deleting all of the dlls except freeglut.dll! Unfortunately it flickers pretty hard on my machine... :(

SonnyBone says ...

Man, those instructions FLY by. The game works well. Nice ideas!

Tozy says ...

"The procedure entry point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll"

Mstrp2ez says ...

Cool game idea! Except for not beeing able to start the game at first, it seems really solid. A few things i reacted to though: The instructions scroll to fast and the steering is a bit off the mark. Otherwise, pretty neat'o game, gj!

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