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Island of the Mind

by nutink - Competition Entry

An experimental romp through a deserted isle. As the player plays their skills, like running, jumping, and swimming, all grow stronger. I would have polished the game more but I didn't have as much time as I would have liked. Email me at if you have issues running the game. Enjoy!

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Comments (archive)

rik says ...

I really liked the idea of surviving on a desert island by hunting and foraging. The graphics are a little bit of a turn off, and the game plays quite glitchy, but I played a few times to try and get the most of the concept.

SonnyBone says ...


My screen was solid black for the first minute or so, then it randomly came into view and a fish ate me.

I had to change my resolution to get it to display properly.

Nice ambient fish you've got there!

Endurion says ...

Interesting take, I also like the hints/building locations scattered throughout the island.
The big fish in the water is way too fast, seeing it is usually instant death.

Riley Adams says ...

Interesting concept, but that fish is too d*mn fast...

eli says ...

I got the hang of sleeping and eating all the time to keep from GAME OVER, but my jump got to superman level, and it seemed to tire me out in only a few leaps. I did manage to build some things. Great concept, fitting music (even if it was repetitive).

Hempuli says ...

The download link seems to be broken.

philomory says ...

A pretty good idea, and pretty fun, though there are some flaws that hurt it; of note, the controls kinda laggy and unresponsive, and, the very first time I started I fell right on the giant fish and died immediately. Otherwise, it's a pretty well thought-out game. I enjoyed the ending, too, though it took a *long* time for 'thank you for playing' to scroll into view, several minutes I'd say.

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