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Island Warriors

by ruben01 - Competition Entry

Hi, this is my first time participating in ludum dare.

The game is similar to galcon (one of the winners of a previous LD competition), my plan was to add diferent types of islands, boats, some enviromental hazards, upgrades, etc.
Sadly all I could do in time was the basic gameplay.

There are two teams red and yellow (you are red). You send boats to attack the other team islands, or to assist your own islands.

Avoid the whirlpool.

Hope you like it.

Mac users should use the webstart version.
Firefox in Linux usually hangs while downloading but it resumes after download complete.
In any case, if you have problemas you should try the Webstart version as it is more compatible.

* Fixed bug: an island could go into negative number of units.
* Added support for Mac.

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Comments (archive)

youdonotexist says ...

Definitely a fun mechanic, but I had trouble keeping up with the AI.

Jonny D says ...

The difficulty takes the fun away. Multi-player would make it more fun.

shockedfrog says ...

Stumbled upon a bug - it's possible for an island to have a negative population yet remain in the player's control, making the rest of the game very easy since the enemies just keep attacking it.

Tom 7 says ...

I loose! :)

A pretty straightforward implementation of Galcon. Pretty strong AI. More color on the islands would have helped because it's a bit hard to see at a glance which ones belong to whom. Saw some weird behavior: some dudes seem to spawn at 0,0 (disadvantage for red :)) and sometimes I saw population numbers actually go negative?

I did play a few times until I beat it. More layouts would have been welcome.

jhauberg says ...

Unable to run on Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.3).

treeman says ...

Yay I won!

Really fun game although I lost interest too fast. The mechanics were innovating and maybe a bit frantic.

Good job

Stoney says ...

Not really innovative, but still fun.
At first, I didn't really know which islands were mine and which one belonged to the enemy. You should distinguish the islands of different players more.

the31 says ...

A clone of Galcon, of course, but a well done clone. (I know from IRC or somewhere that it was accidental, but still have to take from innovation for that. :P)

Very fun though, AI proved challenging yet beatable. Good job, and I like that you distributed it in multiple forms. In the applet I saw some brief graphical errors, but that's to be expected from a 48hr game.

eli says ...

Nicely made mechanics. I like the idea of having upgrades and the other things you wrote in the description. Not sure how those would work in a frantic real-time game such as this, however.

One thing I would suggest is to take the whirlpool concept further. I like how it spiced things up and made some islands have different strategic value. Maybe add random mini-whirlpools? Or make that central one stronger, as to enforce more delicate route planning, instead of just stealing some ships.

All in all, pretty good, and beatable too.

Endurion says ...

Reminds me of an even older game, Galactic Imperium (or some such) for the C64.
Anyhow, nice game, and really lovely with the ships moving about.
Sound would be needed and more maps.

Hempuli says ...

"Warning: the applet failed to run."

SonnyBone says ...

This is a neat mechanic, just not much of a game, really.

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