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The Naturalist

by JMNielly - Competition Entry

Catalog the animals and learn to evolve.


*Total historical accuracy: Mystery protagonist!
*Catalog seven LEGENDARY animals
*Evolving! Total scientific accuracy.
*Not enemies and other stuff that I didn't have time to add!
*One totally small level, no end.

Jump with Z, control with arrows.

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Comments (archive)

snesgaard says ...

I must say that I really liked this game!
The evolution mechanic is just brilliant.
I would have liked a bigger level/more levels though and maybe the ability to win :P

fydo says ...

Pretty cool, though I would have saved this idea for when Evolution was the theme ;)

All in all, a pretty fun platformer with an interesting mechanic. I did find the audio a little lacking though.

brian says ...

The only bad thing about this game is that there's not more of it and you never got to explore the awesome effects of this system. It really felt like the original Boy and his Blob but unfortunately didn't have the resulting interactions in place. I'd definitely like to see this one continued though as mixing Kirby style role-pickups with ABAHB style puzzle interactions would be awesome.

jplur says ...

So after the mole, that is it?

In any case great idea and very polished, just could use more content.

skintkingle says ...

For the 1 minute i was playing the entirety of this game, i thought it was ingenious, Please continue developing this game. With more content this could be a really brilliant game.
One thing i'd say thought if you do develop it more is to not let the player get lots of upgrades in the first 30 seconds. ;)

KavuDX says ...

The whole concept is very cool, remembered me of the boy and his blob and E.V.O.
Too bad it was not complete, that would make an awesome platforming game!

Riley Adams says ...

Cool concept, you should totally keep working on this!

Tenoch says ...

Cool concept, nice graphics. Physics were a bit off I think. And the lack of proper ending is a bit frustrating.
As they say, try to make it more, it'd be great!

zez says ...

Huh. Cool. Not really theme appropriate, at all, but cool.
The Good - Evolution mechanic was awesome. Im a little unclear on what the tuxedo and the turtle shell did, and it would have been neat to have more evolutions. It DID make for a neat potential metroidvania if you ever finish it tho.
The Bad - Well... this wasnt much of a game. It also didnt have much to do with islands (I mean, I guess it was on an island.
The Ugly - almost total lack of audio. The little bit of audio there was, was clearly made with a single click in sfxr.
All in all, kinda neat. Ima look at your source, despite the fact that I dont hate myself, mostly because I want to see what you did for the player evolving graphics. I have a theory you just made him in multiple parts and loaded different graphics when he evolved, but I want to see if you came up with something better then that.

refrag says ...

Liked the evolution (mutation?) mechanic. Very polished for what it is.

pgil says ...

Really nice concept. I hope you take some time to expand on this :)

Endurion says ...

The idea is grand! Keep developing this game, add lots more to evolve, but don't overwhelm the player at once.

pekuja says ...

I guess you were rooting for "Evolution" to win the theme poll? :-)
Too bad the game doesn't have an end, or much anything to do after you get the mole claw. I was hoping something would let me swim to another island, but I guess it wasn't in the stars. I hope you continue working on it. I never found any use for the turtle shell or the tuxedo. Did those actually do something?
Also, I didn't quite understand why Hannibal Lecter is cataloging animals. ;-)

Entar says ...

This has some potential, but it's pretty short and a couple of the abilities... didn't really help. I thought there was a puzzle that you had to avoid the penguins after grabbing the turtle shell, so you could go swim. More of that kind of thing would be cool. Still, cool idea, maybe develop this one some more.

localcoder says ...

Ah ha! So _that's_ how evolution works.

Perrin says ...

This was really good, the mechanic was really nice. You could definitely "evolve" this into a much more substantial game, making the various evolutions part of puzzles.

Tom 7 says ...

Haha! This is a great idea and the graphics are hilarious. I wish that you had gotten to the game part. :) Evolved tuxedo, hehe.

zdanielz says ...

Really liked this game! Great use of the theme, funny and fun.
Couldn't finish it, I'm afraid, but it was fun while it lasted...

philomory says ...

This is amazing. It's like E.V.O. on LSD. Please expand it, it'd be awesome.

SonnyBone says ...


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