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Island Towers

by Dzarg - Competition Entry

Island Towers is a very typical tower defense game. The goal in the game is to prevent fish from reaching the open sea.

The fish spawn from the top left corner and try to get to the bottom right corner using the shortest possible path. Islands can be created to make their journey longer and more difficult. Towers can be built on top of the islands to actually kill them.

Islands can be created and towers can be built using the left mouse button. There's only one type of tower, but it can be upgraded multiple times. Islands can be sold using the right mouse button.

As the game is rather simple, I made it quite hard to even get the highest upgraded tower. As in almost all tower defense games, it matters a lot where you build your towers and which towers you upgrade.

It's a 3D game and the camera can be freely moved and rotated (although there's not much need for it).

I used 3ds Max to create the models and Paint Shop Pro for the textures. The game is written in C++ and OGRE is used for the rendering. The Windows download link has sources included. The source link contains only the sources.

This was my first time entering Ludum Dare and I'm happy that I got at least something done. I'm happy with how the game looks as I'm no artist and I think I did good for myself. But the gameplay is too simple. It would've needed at least a freezing tower or something like that. I should've taken some time away from other things. I used about 19 hours in total including planning and this little documentation. It was a bit less than I had intended, though life rarely goes as planned :)

Edit: I had originally planned on having both direct3d and opengl options but on one case the game would crash even before the choosing dialog if direct3d option was enabled. Then I just commented it out in the plugins file. Now I re-enabled it since I guess it causes less problems that way. It can be disabled just by commenting (or removing) the direct3d line in bin/plugins-windows.cfg

Edit2: Ok sorry for the crashing. Seems there was a bug with fish speed normalization. In a very special case a fish might have a zero speed which resulted in division by zero which later on led to crashing. Hopefully the game won't crash anymore :)

@Endurion: I am here for the first time, but at least in the submission rules it says "After the deadline, we do allow bugfixes. You're allowed to fix any bugs that stop a player from playing or finishing your game". The two fixed I have done changed nothing in how the game works, it just shouldn't crash anymore. I could include the previous version too, but there's really nothing different except you're not allowed to choose d3d and it often crashes while playing.

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Comments (archive)

triplefox says ...

Game ran at an unplayable framerate on my Intel integrated, and the HUD text at the top, but not the intro help message, was corrupted(a mosaic effect). I was surprised that no D3D option was available, I think I could have had it going faster with that.

Rolf says ...

Decent tower defence gameplay. Game crashed a few times on my computer though.

skintkingle says ...

The game crashed for me too a fair few times.
But the game itself was very fun and interesting! A nice Tower defence twist on islands.

shady1024 says ...

Cool idea, game crashed a lot though. Memory leak?

Hempuli says ...

It crashes upon opening, no matter what I try. Darn, I like TDs! :(

Entar says ...

Pretty fun, simple tower defense game. Somewhere along the line, though, the gameplay stopped (effects were still running, but fish stopped moving/dying) and my allowed escapes was -1. Weird. Still, solid game.

Endurion says ...

Worked flawlessy. It's nothing innovative but a working game.
Needs sound badly.

Also, if you fix post deadline, please keep the original version around for proper voting.

Tozy says ...

You should put boats instead of fishes.

arielsan says ...

I really wanted to play it, but didn't worked for me, I tried on win7

philomory says ...

High score: 2216.

I'm fairly sure this is the first game I've ever played in which one exterminates fish with artillery.

ondrew says ...

Crashes on start for me (Windows XP)

SonnyBone says ...

The game works for me but it's way too easy. I just made a zig zaggy maze for the fish and lined it with guns until the game finally crashed. But HEY, you're off to a great start. Just needs some tweaks / additions / music / sfx / etc and you've got yourself a nice looking and entertaining TD game.

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