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by tembac - Competition Entry

An Atomic bomb has exploded and your only salvation is a boat. You have to row with all your strength to survive.

If you row hard enough you can crush some islands.

Use "A" to row to the left and "L" to row to the rigth.

Made in Game Maker

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Comments (archive)

hazman says ...

controls are great. fun to play. only problem is i always want to make the kayak go as fast as possible and end up rowing straight into a rock.

pythong says ...

wish i had arms to row like that :D

Laksen says ...

Woah this game is hard!

KavuDX says ...

Very fun to play! Also, loved the music and the rowing fx.
My only complain is that I just got the Swine Flu shot, so my left arm is kinda numb, I wish I could play using the arrow keys.
Other than that, awesome game.

skintkingle says ...

I couldnt go Rigth enough! Damn that gives you extra Humour points from go, just for that typo!

Maple says ...

Wow another awesome game X3 I found it very difficult at the beginning, but after a few deaths I had it down and I'd row like crazy and if i hit a rock I'd just mash to get away. Also, if you hit a wall going that fast you fly 2-3 screens in the opposite direction! A tip is to swing back into the way so it reverses your direction yet again and you're back to speed. I found that it was a little easy though, after I rowed and rowed that red screen never seemed to come. I just quit the game at 727000 points cause my wrists were hurting. Heck I even rowed in the opposite direction to see what happened to it but sure enough the screen started to go red after a while so I quickly turned right round, haha. Nice game :3

crackerblocks says ...

I knew with a name like that, this game was going to be superb.

TFernando says ...

nice control scheme!

localcoder says ...


My biggest problem was that I sometimes crashed into an island and got stuck on it. It was hard to break free again and frustrating.

Apart from that, speeding along and crashing through islands feels fantastic.

shockedfrog says ...

Had to give the Audio a 1 - good music, but it was made a year ago by someone else. :/ Definitely an enjoyable and funny game, though.

Xopods says ...

One of my favourites so far. I think you're on to something here... the extreme high-speed gameplay is fun, and you feel like you're dodging stuff even if it's really just fluke. Main complain, already made by someone else, is the way you "stick" to an island if you don't hit it with enough speed to break it. Would be better if you bounced back more, and there was less "friction" when rubbing against it.

JMNielly says ...

Damn doom walls always interrupting my kayaking.

Endurion says ...

Thanks for uploading somewhere else, download worked fine.
Holy crap, quite frantic :)
Although I have to say, the music is not fitting at all (and seemed to be from outside the compo). The oncoming explosion sound and music together do not blend at all, sounds annoying very fast.
Also, you made it maybe too nice, I've noticed that when going backward the black part would also retreat?

Lovely game though, the rower must have arms like Popeye.

Hempuli says ...

Excellent fun! The boat was a bit too fast to be controlled, but the Dino Run-esque advancing wall of doom made the game real fun!

shawn42 says ...

fun, hard, but rewarding once you get the hang of it; good work

philomory says ...

Far more entertaining than the concept has any right to be. A small possible bug in that I could actually end up on the unbreakable islands and have to row over land. Other than that, great. Be nice to have a system of levels with different rock distributions or something similar, for some feeling of progress.

SonnyBone says ...

So is the point to escape or earn points? I can earn points by saving the guys but then they just fry in the boat with me when i slam into rocks at 3999 MPH.


IK1985 says ...

awesome game especially when you get loads of speed up :)

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