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Beebop The Island Hopper

by treeman - Competition Entry

It's here! The stuff of dreams, an entry for the epic Ludum Dare has been made!

The game is a one button game where you hop from island to island. It was fairly rough to make a game in just 48 hours, yeah I'm a newbie, but it was pretty fun too!


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Comments (archive)

increpare says ...

AAaah can get to the last island, but can't coordinate enough to end it : ( Fun though, once I figured it out : )

triplefox says ...

This game practically had me jumping up and down in frustration(the good kind). :)

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Surprisingly compelling game mechanic, but I gave up in frustration on the second last island. The easier bits could/would work very well if combined with something else though, and it was pretty fun for a while.

Hempuli says ...

Simple but addictive. Very good.

Endurion says ...

Yay, victory! :)
And annoyingly frustrating, when I went back the three last islands again and again.
Well done!

philomory says ...

An odd little timing game. Rather harder than it at first seems.

zdanielz says ...

Fun game! VERY VERY Hard! I wish the victory part was a bit more rewarding, but at least I won! :)

Dzarg says ...

Very nice game. Took me awhile to figure out what it was about. The end was nicely challenging and I managed to finish it.

SonnyBone says ...

Yay I beeted it.

hamburger says ...

An interesting entry! I actually found it pretty fun to track the patterns. I found myself singing little songs in my head to track the beat of each thing. It would be interesting to try syncing the rhythms to music; you could probably get away with much shorter and rarer green windows that way.

Spiridios says ...

I liked the idea and played to the end. For all the islands I could just "feel" when it was time to move, but the last one I resorted to tapping out a beat.

Riley Adams says ...

Simple, but fun mechanic! I couldn't quite get that last one...

Tom 7 says ...

Unexpectedly playable for a game with just one button! This game also has the most minimal sound in any non-silent LD17 game I've played; it sounds like a one-sample click, only when I move backwards. Just a few minutes to play and a satisfying victory. :)

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