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by bulle - Competition Entry

My first Ludum Dare and I end up with a pokemon game ... Well this is suppose to turn out just great.

You know the feeling that you've just got enough of pokemon? I had the feeling years ago and it has not ended! So now is the time to go out for the greater good and destroy those beasts! I won't say it will be easy but I believe in you doing it! I have big expectations for you, good sir!

Anyways - the principle is simple and you just have to sail to Islands, kill pokemons, sell their skin, buy more ammo, kill more pokemons (and yes, the game will end).

The controls are simple and you use arrows to sail ship. Escape to leave shop. Numbers for the res but it is explained during game.

There is a windows, linux32 and linux64 executable so no reasons not to try it dudes - took some effort to get the windows one though.

I hope you'll enjoy it - I've at least enjoyed making it :)

// Sune

Ps. This game has theme song - you can hear it as long as you have the 3 introducing slides so take it easy on those ;)!

Pps. I have tried to cross-compile it to windows - which was not easy - but it seems like there is a small problem - instead of detecting the sides as wall it just shuts down - I haven't been able to fix it as I have not clue of why it's happening -_- Also there's some weird exits in Windows but it's really unexplainable but it works most of the time :)

Written in C++ with SDL bindings and use of SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf

Checked the links - should work just fine


Found I had to upload the source so here it is - it ended up like crap due to my lack of overview and more than microchip programming ... Anyways - enjoy if you want to read it and sorry for it wasn't uploaded in the beginning - didn't know I was suppose too :)

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

The sound that it makes when you attack... will be forever etched into my brain.

allen says ...


increpare says ...

broken link?

Hempuli says ...

hehe, hilarious. F-secure reported the game as "suspicious program", but I guess there's nothing to worry about?

Tenoch says ...

Mwahaha, the best laugh! Absolutely charming drawings and sounds, and that crappy-recording non-edited song is just gold!

Thank you so much for this!

Tom 7 says ...

Very funny. I particularly like the lo-fi guitar theme song. First thing I did was sail off the screen and crash it. :) Gameplay is pretty Pokemon-esque, and pretty hard (but seems mostly to be based on random luck).

pekuja says ...

Can't really say I enjoyed this. I really wanted to buy a flamingo too, but the game didn't let me buy one!
I do appreciate the effort. A song with lyrics is a rare thing on LD.

Oh, and where's the source code?

Tozy says ...

"Come on, every body wants a flamingo." xD

Endurion says ...

Funny :)
I take it you don't like Pokémon?
I was playing along and suddenly after winning a fight the game exited.

Spiridios says ...

The Windows build is quite buggy. I was never able to take out more than a couple Pokes before crashing. I stayed in the shop too long at one point and the numbers disappeared. I left the shop and *crash*. Love the sound though.

Hamumu says ...

I was totally set to give a 5 on sound... then I started killing some Pokemon and enduring the noise that makes. The song is worth a 5 though.
Very odd and early ending, I just killed like maybe 6 Pokemon and I won. There were tons of islands left and I had never even gotten to throw a grenade!
I noticed there's a crash if your boat (which starts out invisible, by the way!) goes off the edge of the screen.

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