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Elementary My Dear Watson

by xeon06 - Competition Entry

Elementary My Dear Watson

I am writting this 10 minutes before the deadline of Ludum Dare #17. This is my entry. The theme was islands, and the point of this game is to guide your boats (golden ones) to battle against the evil black boats. You can do this by controlling the elements of nature! Left click to create a ripple in water, and right click to change wind direction. Boats will battle each other automatically. Oh and there's islands. The total work on this is aproximately 8 hours since I was working all weekend, I couldn't get more in. It's far from polished, and the code is ugly, but I plan on making a more elaborate version later on. Oh and I ripped the idea off from there:

If it's worth anything, this was my first Ludum Dare.

Contact me if you want at

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Comments (archive)

Endurion says ...

The control idea is interesting. I especially liked that it also effected the enemies and shots.

It'd be nice if your ship could take more than one hit. One hit is good for the enemies though ;)

Hempuli says ...

It seems that I can't open the game. When I open the .bat, nothing happens.

Mstrp2ez says ...

I like the idea of the game, it is enjoyable, however alittle bit more polish and it would rank much higher in my book. I understand the time issues you had though, hope you will have more time next time!

zez says ...

huh. weird.
The Good - controls where innovative as hell and well implemented. You get 5 stars on innovation.
The Bad - there... isnt really a game here. You die super fast, and there is next to nothing to do in the game. also, it generates infinite vectors then crashes when you die.
The Ugly - this game, basically. Total lack of presentation. Thats not really a big deal, programmer art is allowed, and even expected, and I understand you didnt have much time, but all the same I cant give you high marks on graphics either.

Hamumu says ...

The control thing was unique (but check out... um... a name I forgot, an indie game that was basically the same idea, really popular), but actually I found it really hard to use. I guess just that everything was so slow moving. I don't know...

skintkingle says ...

I agree with Hamumu, everything seemed to be effected too slowly. Very innovative control though..

SonnyBone says ...

Very interesting control scheme, but way too slow.

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