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by Mstrp2ez - Competition Entry

A simple rts game set in the skies of Floatarnia, connect your island and gather it's resources to build dragons and upgrades. Then use them to defend your empire and destroy your enemies!

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Comments (archive)

Ashkin says ...

Hm. The game could use some kind of tutorial, as the interface can be quite confusing at times. I didn't get very far into it...

triplefox says ...

With more UI refinement this could be a really fun game.

pythong says ...

I guess you also noticed (judging from one of your own posts) it needs balancing. For example, I didn't get the chance to start something. The first time was because I still had to read when the game started already. The second time I just was chanceless. You should make a tutorial/intro when a game gets complex

philomory says ...

In premise, this is very sweet. In playing, though, I found that moving around the map wasn't very smooth, and hijinks ensued when there were two overlapping islands (to the tune of, not knowing being able to control which one I was building on/connecting to). Basically all the problems I have come down to UI, the rest is very good.

fydo says ...

I started it up and some clouds flew by. Then it seemed that I was stuck on an all-blue/green background, except for the HUD. I tried hitting the buttons described on-screen, but they didn't seem to do anything.

dertom says ...

Dude, respect! Really good game. I almost managed to defend one attack :D But I know very good that there is not much time for balancing during the 48h! Very very good....keep on rocking

pekuja says ...

This game seems promising, but has a lot of issues. You can't tell which islands and dragons are yours and which are your opponent's. Sometimes I would start the game and start out not even looking at my castle so I wouldn't know where it was. It also feels really slow to get your economy going if the nearest islands are far away. By the time I had a single dragon, the opponent had five. I like the concept here, but you need to work on the details.

Endurion says ...

Quite ambitious game and a good start!
The controls made it a bit awkward. Some key pressed didn't seem to do anything. On trying to build a dragon it told me I hadn't enough gold, ok. Then I tried to build a cannon but nothing happened.
Obviously the first incoming dragon tore my islands apart.

Entar says ...

It seems to be a cool idea, and it looks promising, but it needs more information about what's going on, and how stuff works. I could see this being reasonably fun with some more polish.

Hempuli says ...

A bit complicated to play, but the looks are cool and the idea is solid.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

An impressive amount done in the time, if a little too unbalanced to be compelling for long. Played a couple of games though, failed to work out what to do the first time and lost, zerg *ahem* dragon rushed the second and won. Amusing enough.

SonnyBone says ...

Steeeep learning curve but lots of work for a 48 hour game. Needs sound and a bit of a tutorial, of course.

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