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Island Construction Malfunction

by Benn - Competition Entry

Here is my entry! It's a puzzle game based on manipulating the islands so that the people can survive!

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Comments (archive)

Tyler says ...

I love the dudes, but why can't two dudes touch?

allen says ...

Pretty simple and fun, but too short! Shoulda made more levels!

skintkingle says ...

I cant work out the 7th level. it's driving me insane. very interesting game none the less. Kept me playing until i got frustrated with the 7th level.

Diet Chugg says ...

I found the concept interesting. The application was a little strange. The water did not always do as I expected.(example water flowing evenly) Maybe this was intentional but if some water moves faster than others you should give it some type of indicator. Good job.

Hempuli says ...

"Your computer lacks direct3d9.dll" I'm very much sure I do have that!

Tozy says ...

Those doesn't look like islands to me.
It was fun, but im shure you can do more with that gameplay.

Sparky says ...

Tyler- I propose that the people can't touch because some of them have chicken pox, and they respect each other too much to risk contagion.

This is a pretty neat idea, I like it. I would have liked to see a bit more spit and polish- for instance sometimes it's unclear why an attempt failed, because of the lack of information about who died, why water flowed the direction it did, etc.. Given the time constraints this is a neat little game.

Endurion says ...

Neat, reminds me of Aquantor.

Also, a winner is me :)

Not particularely islandy though.

pekuja says ...

Cool game. Kinda feel like it would fit the Flood theme better than the Islands theme, but I can still see that the goal is to get the dudes on areas with no water, basically islands. Some of the puzzles got a bit difficult to grasp because the water started out so far away from where the dudes were.

Hamumu says ...

Nice game. I was stuck on the last level a while but got it down in the end. It's a good puzzle, and very original (well, to me... you probably cloned something and I don't know it!). I guess what you really need here are lots more levels, since that's the kind of game it is.

SonnyBone says ...

A bit slow, but still a rad idea!

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