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by zdanielz - Competition Entry

This is my submission to LD48.
You play a Dodo on the Island of Mauritius, trying to survive - WILL YOU MAKE IT? (Hint: probably no...).


Download (First one is from google sites, second mirror supplied by ELI!! in hope it'll work... :-) )
Unzip to some directory and run "run.bat". Windows only, I'm afraid.
Be sure to read "readme.txt" if you have any problems.

The game was made using Visual C++ and the wonderful ClanLib.
Art was made using Paint.NET, GraphicsGale and Inkscape.
Music using Fruityloops and some old EMU soundfonts lying around on my hard drive.


EDIT: I saw some people were having problems with OpenGL 2.
I fixed this and it now uses OpenGL 1.1 - Hope this helps! Thanks for the comments!

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Comments (archive)

NiallM says ...

I really liked this, and the dodo story's a great use of the theme. I wouldn't have minded a larger island to try and survive in though.

eli says ...

This is a fantastic game!! The artwork and music are perfectly fitting for the theme and story. I especially loved the plump dodo and the soldier.

It's great that you created a whole game, and finished it too. Maybe making a more dramatic fate for the Dodo could improve the message.

Also, I found the gameplay a bit frustrating. (But I am bad at precisely-timed platformers, so maybe I'm not the one to ask.)

GREAT work, can't wait to see your future projects.

dgfitch says ...

Now I know why the dodo went extinct... very hard platforming mechanics, but impressive style, man!

Riley Adams says ...

I like the art, and the music fit very nicely. The gameplay was a bit frustrating, but I guess that was the point... Nice work overall!

Hempuli says ...

The movement is perhaps a bit too fast, but overall this was a very enjoyable game! I would definitely have liked some checkpoints here and there, though. ;)

PsySal says ...

Couldn't run due to no GL 2.0-capable hardware. I will abstain from rating so it won't affect your score.

Endurion says ...

Exception caught: This application requires OpenGL 2.0 or above. Yadda yadda OpenGL 1.1.0

GLView and other games say otherwise.

demonpants says ...

Good stuff, quite fun. I managed to make it all the way to the right end of the screen and killed myself on purpose. Could have maybe been a bit more complex in terms of play options, but well done.

philomory says ...

This was far more fun than it should have been, I'm really glad you posted the OpenGL 1 version. Music is awesome despite the short loop, and the graphics are pretty sweet too. I actually died at the same time as reaching the end,so the ending text came up as I was falling off the screen, for added effect. Poor Dodo :(

Tozy says ...

I was about to post "cant make it work" whaen i suddenly started to her the music. But when i was playing, the sound like... crackled. But I enjoyed the game =)

SonnyBone says ...

My dodo died many many times as he touched the fur of a rat.

The music is really good and the sprites are pretty nifty.

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