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L'il Guys and the Floating Islands

by AClockWorkLemon - Competition Entry

First LD entry! After two false starts, i have ended up with this. Simple graphics and sound effects (SFXR), and an overall product i'm proud of. It's quite short, so don't expect much level wise (8 levels, half of which are tutorial). I will likely be doing a post-compo relese in a while with way more levels, i'll see how i go.

Please give this a go, and tell me what you think!

P.S. Seeing as this was made in Game Maker 8, i cannot port to any other systems. I do believe, however that it should work fine under wine on Linux. No promises though.

In response to comments, i will try to fix many of these things for the next release (which i haven't started on yet, damn school :(). some i had planned to include/fix, but i didn't have time to do so.

And about that screenshot of the easy solution to the 2nd last level...

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Comments (archive)

Codexus says ...

Cool lemmings type of game. The graphics are really tiny but nice. The levels were rather easy but fun.

I didn't see the point of editing while the l'il guys are moving since you lose very quickly when one or two die and you can complete all the levels without that.

It's annoying that when you restart a level, you have to replace everything again.

It would need some more levels and types of blocks but overall it's a cool and well made game.

Riley Adams says ...

Cool concept! definitely release a post-compo version.

Sparky says ...

This is pretty fun. There are some nice little graphical touches, especially for a Ludum Dare game. Thanks for making this. Note: a tiny bit of UI polish would improve the game a lot for a small amount of effort, I think.

Cooshinator says ...

Wow, good game, but the audio was so annoying

Tozy says ...

Maybe new graphics and music and levels...
It's a great game!

pekuja says ...

Fun game. I like the visual style too. Makes it look very clean. Some of the earlier levels got a bit boring because there were so many l'il dudes and I just had to watch them go. Background music would probably help there.
I hope you make more puzzles for the game. There's a lot of unexplored potential here. The last level had some really good challenge going on, although it did kinda require some fast twitch play at the end.

Almost says ...

This was a fun game, although there were a lot of little things that bothered me. I feel like this was not the intended solution to the second last level:
You are unable to place in front of the edge of a passing cloud, which is random and annoying. If you build in connection to one of your other objects you can still remove the old object. This means you can place a button on a bridge or a box and then remove the bridge/box without removing the button. Right clicking to remove has to be on the precise half of a tile that is the object, not anywhere on the tile as you might expect.
The box cannot be placed on a conveyor belt. The bridge can be built next to spikes, bouncers, and flags as if they were platforms. You cannot place boxes directly on spikes (even if it's intended, it's annoying).
Losing a level resets it instead of simply resetting the lil dudes. Start lil dudes, clear lil dudes, Pause lil dudes buttons would have been very nice.
30 is a lot of lil dudes. 10-20 seems much more reasonable.
The tile outline of objects in the bar at the top made everything look like a box.
Stopping after 8 made it when it said 10 seemed weird. Why not let me watch the last two make it as well and say "perfect!"

Endurion says ...

Love it! Some of the building rules seem really arbitrary but quite nice. I'd love to have a speedup function, as once you let the blobs go you have to wait.

Also, please don't remove all built tiles if I have to retry again.

MrPhil says ...

Fun game, enjoy the simple lines and the challenge of the puzzles.

madk says ...

Download link is broken.

snowyowl says ...

It's a bit slow... Once you have placed all your blocks, the lil guys take ages to reach the finish.

Diet Chugg says ...

Fun game. Levels were not too hard and it was simple yet clever.

SonnyBone says ...

Great journal... and I agree with everyone else's comments. Great little game for 48 hours!

eli says ...

Love the concept! It is very slick. Hard to see how it has to do with the theme, but excellent work. Definitely agree with other comments regarding continuing and polishing it up. Music, more types of blocks, better interface.

philomory says ...

A fun little lemmings-esque puzzle game. I liked it. Ended up getting stuck, but I'll probably come back to it and try again after voting is over.

I did notice one amusing bug: clouds can be used as anchor points for bridges and conveyor belts.

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