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These cannons fire too fast

by pwnmonkey - Competition Entry

The java universal works on both windows and mac.

(NOTE: The web version will randomly crash my browser every once in a while. If you dont want to take the chance please DL it from sourceforge via the link.)


First LD and first full game ever made, so don't judge too hard =)

Im sure there is alot of bugs and things in this game, but i really didnt have time to work them all out.
Maybe later this week I will flesh out this idea more, because i really enjoyed working on it.

GL to all.

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Comments (archive)

Ashkin says ...

Firstly, the graphics are cute and I love them. The gameplay is fun, although it can get a little tedious. I am really looking forward to what you accomplish in the future.

pekuja says ...

This was basically pretty fun, but really slow at least in the beginning. The game kept crashing on me on level 2 so I couldn't really see if it takes off after that.

Capturing the islands was a bit boring since you just sit there capturing. The enemies were also really easy to fight. I think the control scheme was basically a neat idea, but I got disoriented with the mouse movement several times. It should probably be a relative motion instead of an absolute one, so that if I flick my mouse to the right, my ships turns right.

Also the standalone version wouldn't run even though I do have Java 6 installed. Got the error "Could not create the Java virtual machine."

Hempuli says ...

I really like the way the cannons work, it definitely adds more strategy to the game! The ship is perhaps a bit too slow in the beginning.

Stoney says ...

The web version didn't work for me, but the downloadable version worked fine. I really enjoyed playing this game and it got me playing for much longer than I wanted to. :)

Endurion says ...

The web version did not work at all, the downloadable version needs to be in a folder hierarchy without spaces in the folder names to work (crap java crap).

Anyhow, a Pirates game! Weird that almost nobody went for that. Works nicely, although runs at rather constant 12 FPS. It seemed a bit easy, but I'm sure that can be remedied with more enemy types (cannons from islands and such). Good game!

jovoc says ...

Really enjoyable. The gameplay was a bit slow, and I wouldn't want to lose that feel for the combat but if maybe there's a way to preserve that and still improve the pacing.

The WASD firing was really confusing, I often fired the wrong way when I was sailing down. I'd almost prefer the mouse and keyboard be swapped.

Still, great game, different and fun. I really enjoyed this one.

SonnyBone says ...

I can see this being a pretty fun multiplayer game.

someone says ...

The gameplay is fun, Could do with more variation though.
You have a massive memory leak somewhere. I was able to get to level four only by giving java more memory.

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