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by ickylevel - Competition Entry

Made with ruby and gosu.

It's a fast paced game (should run at 60 fps) with 2 different phases : Land and water. Your fish gets out of air very quicly when outside water. Collect bonuses and bounce on your enemies a la super mario.

When you are in water , you can bite your enemies to regain health. While in the air , you can crush your enemies.
Items can be used to regain health ,oxygen, or as weapons.

Vid for the lazys :

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Comments (archive)

Tyler says ...


ToadieTechnika says ...

Nice game

increpare says ...

hahah this is what it must feel like to be a fish!

Hempuli says ...

Very cool idea! It's adds some cool extra tension to platforming when you have to look out from drowning. I didn't realize though that you could bite with space.

Endurion says ...

Grand idea :)
Somehow I never managed to defeat an enemy with biting, only by jumping or throwing stones. That's also quite a big map there.

shady1024 says ...

Nice idea and execution. well done. Game was a bit difficult though.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

The fish out of water mechanic was hilarious and brilliant. Very silly in very much the right way. The speed of the game, and enemy brutality made things a bit too hard to be enjoyable.

Barefists says ...

Its hilarious! But I found it a little too difficult and frustrating to be entertaining to a beginner.

localcoder says ...

This is pretty funny. I didn't get that far into it because of the difficulty and insanity but I did like

* the crazy danger of travelling on land
* collecting rocks to throw at jellyfish
* oh wow everything wants to kill me

I did not like

* biting is useless
* bouncing is a bit too erratic for my taste
* trying to work out what items did what while bouncing at high speed across floating islands and dodging seagull droppings and running out of oxygen

Entar says ...

That was strange. Oddly fun, but strange. Needs some crazy music to glue it all together.

arielsan says ...

Very funny, however it is a bit difficult. It is Nice that people can edit maps too :D

Diet Chugg says ...

Nicely done. Really enjoyed the game. I felt like a fish.

SonnyBone says ...

Needs audio BADLY. This is a nice take on Eco, with the flopping and stone throwing (somehow). HUUUGE map. Nice work.

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