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by belbeeno - Competition Entry

I made a game about messages in bottles (on islands). Any re-upload will be mentioned on this page.

Made in Unity. You need the Unity Web Player, a keyboard and a mouse. Move with WASD, inventory is 1234, E to use, and mouse to look around.

Please comment! I'm still new to this and some constructive criticism would go a long way.

EDIT 1 : Reuploaded the correct version, where it's possible to win.
EDIT 2 : Fixed bugs where you couldn't die and some graphical glitches. Also there's seagulls now in the title.
EDIT 3 : Source is up now in a .unitypackage Not sure if I did this right... if there's any problems please let me know. Important note: there is profanity everywhere.
EDIT LAST ONE I PROMISE : For some reason I didn't think that music would be considered game content and should be original as well. When somebody pointed this out, I quickly jumped on ToneMatrix and threw one together. I'll leave the old version with Brother Android up as "Unity (Web) OLD" so you can play that one too, but the new one has a song I made. Sorry!
The old song was Brother Android - The Stars come out.

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Comments (archive)

Colin Allen says ...

Pretty neat!

refrag says ...

Interesting concept. Wasn't as intuitive as I would have liked (watch people play this cold to see how to improve this element). I obviously had to ignore your music for marking because it broke a few rules (even though it was lovely!). :(

Xopods says ...

Nice little adventure game. Would have liked at least some semblance of animation on the part of the player avatar, other than bobbing in the water - a little bobbing while walking, bending over when dropping a board or whatever.

There's a neat point about game design to be observed from this. Players complain about not knowing that they "could" do something... but when you make all the options explicit, most puzzles in this style of game become very easy. Here, the puzzles are based around figuring out what's allowed within the constraints of the game engine. The downside is that it's frustrating for the player when they can't find the answer, but I personally find it more satisfying when I do.

Finding the solution to the second puzzle was my favourite moment.. I won't describe it here as I don't want to spoil it for others.

pekuja says ...

I loved the interface and it's cool to see a story told through gameplay. The visual style was also very good, although the player character was a bit bland.

I do agree that the music you chose fit very well with the game, but I'm putting that down as N/A now. I suppose I could judge the new music, but I understand that it was made outside the compo period, so I think N/A is probably more appropriate. To comment on the new music though, it's probably a bit too upbeat. If you develop this further and decide to use your own music, I think a slower song like the Brother Android one would probably work better.

Endurion says ...

Nice game! Made it to the end. The second puzzle is a good one.

Dzarg says ...

I went to two islands and started heading towards a boat in the distant. I had made a long bridge and began to get quite near I think when I accidently fell from the bridge and as the planks go a bit above the previous one, it was already so high that I couldn't reach it from the water anymore and drowned.

As was in this case too, I'm usually very bad in this kind of free adventure games. I feel like I didn't see much of what the game had to offer since I couldn't figure out where to use the items I collected. Though now it left me to wonder what should have I done in the game. I might try it again, but I have a feeling it would only lead into frustration.

eli says ...

I need a hint for this so-called "second puzzle".

Riley Adams says ...

Very cool!

Tozy says ...

Love it <3

drakfyre says ...

Very good game, beat it after a while. Nice adventure style.

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