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Jealous Gods

by ChainedLupine - Competition Entry

Name: Jealous Gods
Development Environment: FlashDevelop
Language/Toolkits: Actionscript 3/Flixel
Art tools: Photoshop, sfxr (sound creation), Goldwave (sound editing)

I am so tired, here is my ultra-rushed description. You play as a jealous volcanic island god, who must blow up the other gods that you encounter.

What went right:

A friend inspired me to come up with what I thought was a pretty good idea. Everybody I passed it across said they liked it. After wasting a few hours agonizing over the theme, I was able to start work on what should have been a solid game.

All of the levels of the game (3 in total, LOL) are playable.

What went wrong:

Well, first of all, Mother Nature took up almost half a day from me due to very bad storms (torandos and hail!) After that, I was back on track, but then I decided to take a break at the beginning of my second day. And that break stretched in around 6 hours of goofing off.

I'm still pretty new to Actionscript 3/Flixel, so I spent a lot of time digging through Flixel/AS3 internals to figure out how I wanted to do stuff. That cost a fair amount of time.

I didn't have a good testing regime too.

Gameplay isn't fleshed out. You need a way to deflect the incoming fireballs. I was going to have unused mana power a shield, but ran out of time to implement it.

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Comments (archive)

smn says ...

Liked it! The fireballs look awesome and the little minions are well made (also like how they swim to other islands once theirs is destroyed :D) Hope you're gonna finish this thing sometime!

Endurion says ...

Lovely. Took me a few seconds to get which Tiki represents my tribe. Nice little touches with the tiny men screaming and swimming.

Hempuli says ...

This was great fun to play! Add some more strategy and you've got an excellent game! :) The island people added greatly to the experience.

refrag says ...

Nice! Very "Black & White"-esque. ;) I agree with Endurion in that it took a second to figure out which Tiki was me. The fireballs were sometimes annoying when they'd just bounce off each other (I felt like I was perpetually stuck in a Ryu/Ken hadoken showdown).
The graphics are good. The sound effects are great. And the core gameplay is fun. Well done! Please polish this and post it on Kongregate, I'd totally want to play a more fleshed out version.

Entar says ...

Fun art, but it seemed like there's not a lot of strategy. Good start though, I see some potential for further development.

jplur says ...

Solid game, my clicky finger is tired.

Almost says ...

The art is very cool, but the gameplay is kinda boring.
It seems to be more or less just click and hope they don't get knocked away by his fireballs and magically disappear.
Although the knocking away is kind of cool, it makes me feel much less powerful than I think is intended.
And yeah, I initially assumed I was the other guy. The red eyes and the horns have that "enemy guy" feel to them.

Tozy says ...

Like edurion: "Took me a few seconds to get which Tiki represents my tribe." is pose that red is usually the enemy and blu is you.
"Nice! Very "Black & White"-esque." True ;)

SonnyBone says ...

Cool effects, but the core gameplay is incredible repetitive and quite easy. I was able to just hold the cursor on whatever volcano was shooting at me and it was eventually destroyed with ease. I didn't lose a single island.

Everything is animated very well and the sound effects are great. Just tweak the gameplay some more and you'll have something really awesome!

dertom says ...

"Yeah,..I'm the god of hellfire" :D Nice, one! I also needed at time to see who I am, but afterwards the other god had no chance anymore... good job

Diet Chugg says ...

FEAR ME for I am bob and you will worship me!!! Found this game very humorous. I can't wait to see mana added to it.

skintkingle says ...

I rated this game very highly, highly innovative, very fun, looked great, sounded cool, sounded funny too.
i would definately play it again in my spare time to pass the time, or for fun.
It's a very nice game!

demonpants says ...

Pretty good. I like the the gameplay and the idea a lot, but it definitely needs more work before it becomes fun. Pretty much I just held my mouse button down over each island in turn until I won. I got fairly frustrated that only one island would shoot at a time, and worse I would sit there for a few minutes waiting for fireballs to finally stop bouncing off each other. Polish it up and it'll be awesome.

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